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How Much Do You Save By Hiring An Interior Designer



What your interiors look like will depend on how you go about building it. I’ve met a lot of people who have an entire team of consultants – interior designers, lighting designers, plumbing consultants, etc. An army of the best. I’ve also met people who draw inspirations from other sources and build it themselves. The difference between the two? Perspective.

Perspective – Something that differentiates the entire thought process of two rather similar individuals. While one looks at it as an opportunity cost, the other notices, well, just the cost. The best part is that neither of them are wrong.

There is no denying that it is super fun building your own interior design, but it may prove to be a costly affair. I’ve compiled a list of ways in which professional help, saves you a decent amount of money:

1. Where to spend: There are a million things that you spend on while doing your interiors. As you sit there reading this article, looking around yourself. Notice all the elements in your room. For each of those elements, there is a cheaper counterpart and a different premium alternative. How you go about planning this entire purchase exercise also needs professional advice without which most people end up spending a lot initially with very little of their budget left for the last ones (which may be one of the most important ones, like furniture or lights).

Your interior designer will help you plan your interior design purchases. They know where brands matter and where it is just about getting the job done. Once you’ve decided to go ahead with the plan, the process becomes a lot less cumbersome and peaceful than an unplanned hasty purchase.

In my years, I’ve noticed a lot of designers err in developing budgets. It is a lot more about fitting in more than the budget can accommodate. What is important is to know how much each element costs along with the ancillary costs that comes along with it. For example, BlueMasons have a very structured way of planning your budget. The designs are beautifully altered without significant quality difference to get it spot on. So cost effective interior designs need not be poor looking. It’s largely due to the collaborations and inputs from the various design partners and teams they have on board.

2. Good labor Low wastage: You may sit at the drawing board and create beautiful designs but it is a complete waste if the people executing the designs are not capable of pulling it off. There are a number of factors that distinguish a decent interior designer from a great one. One of them is the team that supports their work. A lot of interior designers in Kolkata only take up the task of designing the place and leave the execution to third parties. But the 3rd party furniture, electrical, plumbing, flooring and false ceiling contractors that they suggest are ones who’ve worked with them in the past and whose wave-length matches that of the designer.

This is crucial because a low quality contractor may do the job, but they’ll consume 25-30% more materials because of the wastage that comes along with their inefficiencies.

Assuming 70-72% of your total budget going into the purchase of materials, a wastage of that amount can easily push your entire interior designing cost by 20-25%. If you were looking to spend around 40-50 lakhs, you’ll end up spending 60. Similarly if your budget increases, so does the wastage that comes along with it.

3. Coordinated effort: I had the opportunity to interact with some of the most experienced interior designers in the industry. Of all the things I picked up from them, some experiences have taught me a lot. A designer, now in his 60s once told me how small town interior designers in West Bengal in cities like Durgapur, Asansol, Malda, Siliguri complete projects a lot quicker than the interior designers in Kolkata.

He says that the targets were a lot more stringent and hence they had a unique way of executing the designs. Since a lot of them had just one or a maximum of two projects underway in the towns, the coordination was easier. So if one set of contractors were up to a task in one section of the room, they got a different team to complete a different task in the other section. While the electrician completed the overhead wiring and moved on, the false ceiling work was immediately underway. This ensured that the labor efficiency was at the highest. A lot of designers in the city have since then adapted these techniques beautifully in each project. Experienced site supervisors spend time and effort to reach these results on a regular basis.

Now let us look at this from the perspective of commercial interior design. If someone has specified a time frame and budget for the project, it is the duty of the hotel interior designer or the office interior designer to complete it in time without deviating from the budget.

4. You concentrate on your work: As it is pretty evident that the task of saving money is possible with enough time and effort, it is also important to note that most people cannot spare this much time away from their core business. So this is another important factor that goes on to save you a lot of stress and concentrate on work.

5. Where to purchase: Not every vendor in the city stocks all products and you cannot afford to visit every store in the city. So the knowledge of where you can find the best interior decoration products is gained through the years. This is another form of savings – time.

I have enough records that prove that the amount a person spends on hiring an experienced designer for their project (residential or commercial) is usually a lot less than the amount the designer saves you during the course of the project along with the access they give you to the best of the interior designing world.


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4 Common Drain Issues That Need Professional Help




Drains are an important part of a house and keeping them clean and un-clogged is imperative. Apart from an obvious unbearable odor, blocked drains can cause health-related and other problems too. They can create pools of stagnant water, which can become breeding grounds for mosquitoes. This, in turn, can increase the incidence of malaria, dengue, filariasis and other illnesses as well.
Blocked drains can literally make rooms unusable and bring work and life to a grinding halt. This can arise if the problem is ignored and allowed to escalate. As these situations can worsen very quickly, it best to be aware of certain indicators, which help prevent such mishaps. These are the early signs that a blocked drain situation has arisen and professional help is needed for resolving the issues.

#1. An Awful and Unpleasant Smell Emanating from the Drain

This could be one of the first indicators that something is wrong and professional help is necessary. The smell, which similar to the smell of rotting garbage, may increase rapidly as time passes. It can become such that, that particular rooms or areas are either difficult or impossible to use. In addition, the cause can be a clog in one of the house sewer pipes or the main sewage pipe. Only a professional can accurately determine the cause of the blocked drain along with the necessary and appropriate solution.

#2. Water Moving Slowly Down the Drain

This is relatively easy to spot, and kitchen and bathroom drains are likely to be affected the most by these problems. For instance, if the kitchen sink tap is turned on, under normal circumstances the water flows down smoothly. However, if a blocked drain situation arises, then, water constantly builds-up as long as the tap is turned on. Additionally, once the tap is turned off, the water level remains unchanged or goes down at a very slow speed. Through professional help, such situations can be resolved swiftly and precisely.

#3. Many Blocked Drain Problems All over the House

If, within a short time-span, more than one drain gets blocked or starts getting blocked then professional help is vital. The difficulty arises due to the build-up of sediment or other substances within the pipes. This blockage can be situated anywhere, including deep within the pipe systems. As such, only professional cleaners can gauge the exact nature and severity of the situation and propose accurate solutions.

#4. Flooding of Main Drains and an Unusually High Water Level in Toilet Bowls

These are additional indicators that a major problem may arise if they are ignored. The house’s main drains are usually located outside and are sunk into the ground. They typically have a solid metal grate covering them and the water level is normally a fair bit below the grate. However, if the water level rises to or above the level of the grate and persists, it signifies a problem.

Similarly, under normal circumstances, the water level usually remains at half-the-height of the curved u-shaped area inside the toilet bowl. The difficulty, in this case, arises if the following happens—

• The water level rises to or above the rim of the curved u-shaped area
• This constantly happens every single time the toilet is flushed
• The water level refuses to go down
• The unusually high-water level persists

Both difficulties can arise due to any number of causes, which then lead to a blocked drain. Only professional cleaners, possessing the required knowledge and expertise, can determine the exact reasons and propose the appropriate solutions.
Thus, there are several indicators that act as warning signs that a blocked drain problem has occurred. These very importantly let anybody know that immediate attention is crucial. However, for enjoying proper and lasting solutions, asking for professional help is essential..

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Tips Reasons Why You Should Opt for Pool Fencing



Pool Fencing.

Place around the pool is always very risky and you will need some fence that can assure safely. If you have kids or pets in the house, then thinking about pool fencing is very necessary. You will have to make sure you choose something which does not obstruct the view but also adds to the beauty of the space. If you are amongst those who have always dreamt of having a swimming pool on your property know that thinking about a proper fence should also be on your mind.

To build fencing around the pool in your property will not be a difficult task if you know about the contractors who can help you with the same.  There are too many contractors who can help in this but choosing someone who is well versed with every step is suggested. All of this will have an impact on your property and therefore thinking about it in advance will always be important. Once you start looking around you will find too many options to pick on. You can choose between glass and other acrylic and aluminum fences as well. All of them will have their own pros and cons. You will have to know all about it and then pick the best.

Mentioned below are some points which you should remember before buying a good pool fencing for your property:

#1. Height:

It is very important for you to buy something which is at a height that your children cannot reach it. It should be appropriate enough to cover the pool and also give a look which adds to the aesthetics. Make sure you take up all the measurements and then install the best. If not, you will surely end upon spending too much of your money. See to it that the structure is strong and there will be mishaps at all even if you are away keeping your children alone there at the property.

#2. Materials:

Though there is a wide range available when it comes to the pool fencing materials, you will have to consider every bit well. Know its benefits and the durability aspect as well. This in a way will help you save the property as well as the money which you invest into this. If you want to have a contemporary look you can always opt for wood. If something modern, you can use steel or even vinyl.

#3. Removable:

When you look around you will come across both removable and non-removable frames and fences for the pool. If you hire a contractor, you should talk to them about the same and know what the best is. It is the contractor who know much about this and hence taking suggestions from them will help you. You can ask them about the newly made removable fences and the traditional fixed ones as well.

You can’t do everything at your own so, choosing a professional is very important. There are some points which you should look into before you hire them some are mentioned below.

  • Experience: Know the kind of work they have done in the past and whether it is similar to that of yours
  • License: You will only want a reliable pool fencing contractor to enter your property. Hence knowing about their licenses and state authority permissions will be a must.
  • Equipment: Check whether the professional you want to get along with has all the tools and equipment at hand. This will help you know whether they can help build good pool fencing for your property or not.
  • Knowledge: The one you want to choose should know about different materials and various technologies as well.
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8 Aspects You Must Consider While Selecting a Window Glass Repair Company



From time to time, you need to avail window glass repair services as part of your home maintenance measures. Window glasses tend to break due to several reasons. Now, broken glasses of windows are not a pleasant sight. For this reason, you must take steps to repair them.

Windows play an important role in enhancing the beauty of your homes. Also, there is need for properly-installed windows if you want to raise your property’s value. You can achieve this objective by hiring a competitive window glass repair company.

During your quest of finding a window glass repair company, you need to consider various aspects and they are studied below.

#1. Rely on Referrals

Going by references is advised when choosing a window contractor. You can talk to your friends and family members to learn about their experience with window repair companies. With the help of their past experience, you can take your decisions correctly on whether to hire a particular company or not.

#2. Insurance Cover

Availing the services of a window glass repair service company that is insured is important as well. You should inquire whether they have taken Liability Compensation Service or not. This aspect should be considered so that your property is insured adequately, in the event of accidents when the new glass is being installed on your window pane.

#3. Necessary Certificates

You should note that only companies that are qualified to perform the window repair works are granted the required certifications. Therefore, if you want your window to be installed correctly and do not want any further problems after having availed the window glass repair services, then inspect the certifications of the company. As per your findings, take your decisions whether to hire them or not.

#4. Expertise

The number of years that a company has been in business is another factor to consider when hiring the window repair contractors. Keep in mind that longer the company has been in business, the more experienced are the technicians.

Yet, if a company has been established recently and there are good reviews, then you can take your chances with them as well. But, make sure that the technicians are competent and experienced. Also, request them for customer references as a precautionary measure.

#5. Guarantees

Window glass repair services that offer guarantees for approximately 3-4 months after completing the repair works are a good choice. Bear in mind that if any company gives guarantees, the technicians will work responsibly because the company has to compensate you in the event of breakages during the stipulated duration. In short, you can be assured that the technicians will perform to the best of their ability and also, you will get value for your money.

#6. Budgetary Constraints

The rates that are charged by the company for the repairing jobs are another aspect that you need to consider. You should be able to afford the company’s charges. It is a good idea to allocate expenses for the repairing works and then start to shortlist the companies that cater to your budget.

#7. Safety Measures

The safety measures practiced by the company during the repair works is a crucial aspect to consider as well. You must make sure that the technicians are well-versed in handling broken glasses as well as the required materials for the repairs. Furthermore, the company should clear the broken glasses suitably so that your family members are not injured due to glass pieces that lie strewn around the house.

#8. Training Programs

Every repair company trains their technicians on performing the repairing jobs. On your part, you should make sure that the company is training their employees thoroughly to carry out the glass repair works. By doing so, you can be assured that the tasks will be executed properly.


On a concluding note, you must note that by selecting proficient window contractors, there is less to worry about. Also, you can save on expenses by avoiding any mishaps that could arise on hiring incompetent personnel.

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