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Earn Money Online

Best Methods To Make Money Online



Best Methods To Make Money Online

As I interact with my friends who have just completed their graduation, I generally hear one or the other person mentioning about his hectic job, his working hours, workload and much more. I always prefer Entrepreneurship and promote the same. In today’s scenario, the best way to get financial free early is E-Entrepreneurship. Yes, this means making your living out of online sources. Imagine a day when you get the most share of your income from online mediums and you are now free to invest your time and money in the field which you are passionate about. Would this not be a life everyone would dream off? But this can’t be true unless and until someone is brave enough to take risks in his life.

Today, in this article I would be giving you a diverse range of income sources which are present online. You can go for a proper income source like owning a blog or a part-time income source like Freelancing work or Data Entries

Write For Yourself and Make Money Online

Starting a Blog :

Before this decade, a blog was only related to Online diary entry where people used to write about themselves or a little bit about their passion. But since few years, this industry has become one of the fastest growing industry in the market with currently a massive number of domains active in the internet world. 90% of people nowadays start blogging only for to make money online (which is not bad at all), but only those succeed who takes it seriously and writes for their passion. Blogging needs dedication and smart work. The first step towards a successful blog is knowing your niche. Most of the young entrepreneurs are renowned because of their blogs and their income from it. India’s Top bloggers like Amit Agarwal, Amit Bhawani earns $$$$ per month.

Blogging is a never-ending topic and I can never get bored talking about it but I would like to mention various other uses of owning a blog.

  • You can tune up writing skills.
  • You will become a researcher.
  • Gives you Name and Recognition.
  • Immense exposure to Media and PR.
  • Network Development with Global Professionals.
  • Helps you Promote yourself as a Brand.

Now comes the main section where I will tell how to make money online. There are various ways through which you can earn from your blog. They are:

Google Adsense :

Google’s most popular application for all bloggers is Google Adsense. It is an ad network which provides different ads of different sizes for your blog. It works on CPC (Cost-Per-Click) system. This means that when someone clicks on Google ad which is placed on your blog, then you will earn some dollars from Google and it will be added to your Adsense Account. For example, if you have a daily visit of 1000 people and 10 of them clicks on your ad, then you can easily fetch 2-3 dollars on that particular day. Now you would have understood that more is your daily visitors, more is your Income. You need to fill an Adsense form and then you can apply for Google Adsense.

Precautions :

  • Do Not Promote Bulk Clicking. Click Bombing can ban your Adsense account too.
  • Avoid Black Hat SEO techniques for your blog.
  • Do Not Write Only For Ads
  • Avoid Keyword Stuffing in your article

Affiliate Marketing :

This is another way to make money online from your blog. In a layman language I can explain like this, Google provided you different ads, but in affiliate marketing, there is no Google in between but you feature ads of different companies directly on some contract basis or by applying in their affiliate network. Affiliate Marketing majorly works on CPA (Cost-Per-Action) system. This means that if someone clicks on your affiliate ad and then performs some action on the redirected URL, then you can make some money from your blog. The action may be filling up a registration form, buying something, referring others and much more. Each affiliate network company provides its conditions and income process.

Best Affiliate Marketing Network present are :

1. Commission Junction – You can reference it as an Affiliate Mall. Companies post their requirements here and you can apply to them.
2. ClickInc – ClickInc generally promotes Website Defender links and it works on Per Sale Basis. You can have different banners from their links. Get more info!
3. Flipkart – This is beneficial only for Indians as you can promote different products available on Flipkart and get a commission on every sale via your website link.
4. Amazon – this is Best Affiliate Network for earn Money online from Anywhere.

Article Writing : 

Article writing is another form of affiliate writing where a blogger writes a review about a particular product and adds its purchase link in its article. If someone likes the review written by that blogger and wishes to buy the product which he is offering, clicks on that link complete the payment; then the blogger can earn up to 75% of commission of that sale. The number of people purchases that product from his word of mouth, the more he can earn the commission. The major focus of the blogger should be a useful review for the visitors. If he succeeds in this then the cash can start ringing in his account. I would prefer that is one is thinking to write only reviews of different products then he/she should make a separate blog promoting various products in it. There are different websites which offer digital products. Few of them are

ClickBank: It has a stock of thousands of digital products of different categories ranging from software to gardening products. Most of them come in the form of e-books by popular writers. You need to make an account in ClickBank, choose your desired product and start promoting it.

Note: If you don’t own a blog, still you can promote ClickBank products

App Themes: This is a single affiliate program as it promotes various app themes for your blog. It provides you with different banners and links to be placed on your website.

Note: Affiliate Marketing and Article Writing are very much the same.

Other Ad Networks: Apart from Google Adsense and affiliate marketing, there are other advertising networks which provide you with different ads which feature CPC system. Some of them are Infolinks(provides in-text ads), AdBrite and much more.
If you wish to have your own website, build your own web asset, have a wonderful income source for you in future.

Write for Others
Guest Posting: Some of the popular bloggers offers paid guest posting. If you have a talent for writing good stuff and want to write for others, then this is the best platform for you. The bloggers pay per word. The price per word depends on that blogger. You may get Rs 0.5 or Rs 1 per word. The blogger may be willing to pay more if you write extremely good.

Nowadays, there are many websites which offer online recharge for your mobile phones. You can also send free SMS through these websites also. The most popular ones is Way2SMS. This websites have started a referral program, that if you refer any of your friends to join their website and they register with them. Then you get around Rs 1 per referral.

Note: This referral scheme can be useful for a minor income. You cannot have a part-time income or a full-time income from them.

Data Entry:

The most valuable asset of any company is its database and contacts. As the amount of data is increasing rapidly for every company, they have started online data entries to maintain this work efficiently. Some data entries work include writing paragraphs, some are to make an excel sheet of contacts given to you. The companies pay you a handsome amount for these works. But this can only be your part-time income and it requires more efforts too. You can search the internet for these works.


If you have a talent of photo editing, making walk-through, building an application or even writing for others then this is the right place for you. You can choose from a list of thousands of work that match your potential and can earn a good amount of money by completing those projects. As the name suggests, this can be your part-time income and not your full-time income. You can visit websites like Freelancer for more information.

If you wish to have a full-time business from the online medium that you can Make Money Online Through Blogging. You must own your personal blog to write reviews, add content and get renowned for your work.

Manish Agarwal is the founder of NewsOrator blog where you can learn how to drive huge amount of traffic on your blog from search engines and how you can generate maximum revenue from your blog from different sources. You can connect with Manish Agarwal on Facebook here. 


Earn Money Online

10 Unconventional Ways of Earning Money Online




10 unconventional ways of make money online

Procuring cash is the fundamental thought process in everybody. Be it with conventional strategies or unconventional techniques.

Not every person has similar objectives and needs in the life of landing a steady position or beginning their business. There are individuals who simply need to profit through some odd employments.

In this article, I have recorded a portion of the best eccentric approaches to profit paying little heed to the way that you are as of now working or not.

1. Do Surveys

A certainly noticeable course for students to benefit is to partake in online surveys in their additional time. Organizations are persistently enlisting new people to answer studies and test new things.
For two or three minutes of frame filling, you can make some quid which is paid as cash or prizes. You can sack up to $5 for some reviews!

Two or three destinations are: Toluna, Vivatic, MySurvey, Valued Opinions, IPSOS, Global Test Market, The Opinion Panel, Crowdology, YouGov, and Pinecone.

2. Get Paid for Searching the Web

Intrigued by picking up cash for doing what are you starting at now do on the web? This must be one of the slightest requesting methodologies for procuring cash on the web with no effort or change in your lead.

This idea by rewards you for seeking in Google, Bing or Yahoo. You basically introduce an extra to your program and when you coordinate a request there may be several supported outcomes with the typical outcomes.

Each Qmee result has cash rewards – in case you are intrigued, tap on it and accumulate your reward.

3. Make your Websites

Are you enthusiastic about earning some extra income? You require a site. It’s the best way to deal with benefit while you rest.

Starting a site with Bluehost takes under 20 minutes costs less and ought to be conceivable by a 82 year-old. It just takes a touch of stopping through electronic systems administration media to get your first visitors, and there is a great deal of ways to deal with adapts your site.

4. Test Apps and Websites

Well, it seems like you’re truly acquainted with a web program, so perhaps it’s an incredible chance to look destinations as a paid and fun work! – another site that pays consistent people to survey an extensive variety of destinations. Each audit takes around 20 minutes and packs you $10 through Paypal.

5. Delivery Services

Got a cycle, motorbike or auto and a cell phone? That is all you need to benefit filling in as a conveyance driver at whatever point you can save.

Join with master associations like Deliveroo who are searching for new riders. They allow time adaptability, conveying nourishment from diners to the customers’ entryway. You can make up to $20 in an hour.

6. Becoming a camgirl

Everyone loves to watch porn we all know that. But what everyone loves the most is homemade porn movies. If you are cam girl or just love to make homemade porn, then you can easily earn money by selling your homemade porn.

You can earn money by selling your porn to the interested buyers. This is one of the easiest and most out of the box way to earn money. There are websites such as Manyvids, Youkandy and Spicyfind where you can sell your homemade porn.

7.  Affiliate Marketing

If you have nearness on electronic systems administration media or possibly you even have a blog or webpage, you can start getting money right away by showcasing an extensive variety of associations, things, administrations and offers on the web.

Join as a distributor on the distinctive dealers, check their offers blog or examine the seller postings to find something you figure your allies would be related with, get your offshoot connection and offer it.

8. Part-time Jobs

Low maintenance work is the unquestionable first choice, chose by most students planning to supplement their credit. It gives a consistent pay and can enable you to build work understanding.
Part time jobs are the best way to earn passive income
Check classifieds, student pursuit of employment, and sites for occupations for circumstances.

9. Sell Notes

In the event that it’s all the same to you offering your notes to various students, it’s a remarkable way to deal with make some extra cash.
There are sites out there that you can transfer your notes to, close by your cost, and after that when another student downloads them you get paid.
An extensive bit of these goals like Stuvia and Note sales are free for you to list your notes yet tend to take a cut of your benefit with a particular ultimate objective of the promoting.

10. Mystery Shopping

Today transforming into a secret customer is less requesting than you might suspect and you can get intensely paid for it.
You can download this cell phone application called Roamler that pays you money for completing distinctive errands in your neighborhood. For the most part, there is a considerable measure of workplaces that remuneration you to visit an extensive variety of shops to include on how they are performing.

Final Thoughts

Profiting can be hard and we comprehend that. Everybody requires some additional cash to help them through some intense circumstances or perhaps to get a few presents for their family, companions or somebody unique.
This article covers a portion of the most ideal approaches to profit through some out of the crate considering and occupations that are not in the regular sense.

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