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Working in the Motor Trade: What Are Your Options?



The motor trade is full of exciting job opportunities, and you’re sure to find one that suits you. From designing the latest vehicle models, to providing custom valet services, there are plenty of choices available. 

People tend to assume that working in the motor trade means having a hands-on role with vehicles, but this is just one option available to you. Vehicle engineering, care sales, financing and safety are all aspects of the motor industry and they all offer a wide range of job roles. 

Finding Your Niche 

Gaining experience in various departments and areas can help you to find roles your most suited to. Until you’ve undertaken work experience, it’s tricky to know what the day-to-day work is like in any given role. From apprenticeships in workshops to corporate placements, you’ll find an array of work experience opportunities within the motor industry. 

Of course, you probably have some idea of the areas you’re keen to explore already. If you enjoy the challenge of diagnosing faults and repairing vehicles, for example, you may be interested in a career as a mechanic, recovery assistance, or mobile tyre fitter. 

Alternatively, if you’re interested in how the latest technology is being used to enhance vehicle functioning, you may be keen to build a career in design and development. For sustainably minded people, the development of electric cars could be a rewarding career choice, while personable extroverts may excel in sales. 

Whatever your talents and interests, the motor trade has a variety of job roles to match your skills and talents. 

Understanding the Basics

Before you embark on any career, it’s important to know what’s expected of you. The motor trade gives you the opportunity to work for a small business, a multinational corporation, or to launch your own business, but it’s important to differentiate between the options available. 

If you want to join an international firm, for example, a degree may be required, or you may find entry level roles available. Typically, smaller businesses are more interested in your experience and many are happy to provide formal training on site. 

If you want to launch your own business, you’ll need to ensure you’re prepared for what it takes to succeed in the motor industry. If you’re wondering what is motor trade insurance, for example, or whether you need public liability insurance to start operating, you’ll want to do some more research before you get underway. 

Beginning a Career in the Motor Industry

Transportation is always going to be needed, so the motor industry should provide you with long-term career prospects. Like any industry, the motor trade will continue to evolve, so planning for the future can safeguard your earning potential and your job role. 

Being aware of the technological innovations and how they’re impacting vehicle development will stand you in good stead, for example. Whether you’re planning on constructing new vehicles, repairing used cars, or selling fleets to corporate clients, understanding how new technology impacts vehicle performance is always going to be important.