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Wonderful Ideas to make Post Birthday more Special



We all have bad days and worst when we have to do some very important work on our birthday. I was very busy with my working schedule and cannot celebrate my birthday but then I realised in this 21st century we have pre birthday celebrations as well as post birthday celebrations. So yes it’s completely okay if you are slightly busy on your birthday, you can definitely have post birthday celebration which will be equally exciting as your birthday if you really want it that way. So to keep up with the trend we really have some wonderful ideas to make your post birthday a memorable one.

Plan Picnic with Family

In our busy lives we hardly find time for our family members and relatives so this post birthday can be the best excuse to be with your family. You can plan picnic with your whole family to the nearest zoo, park, beach, mountain hiking, fishing, visiting a monument, trekking or to a river side. There you can plan to play different games like Truth or Dare, Chubby Bunny Dice, Charades, Glass half or full, you can take along some board games and even outdoor games. You can make sandwiches, pies, scotch eggs and barbecue for food arrangements. This would indeed be one of your best birthday celebrations as you will have your loved ones around. Balloons and flowers can be taken along with you for getting those birthday feels on your post birthday celebration.

Movie Date with Friends

Every group has their favorite genre movie it might be Romance, Comedy, Horror, Thriller, Fiction, Animated or Drama. Collect your favorite Movie’s DVDs and get ready with tubs of popcorn, nachos, beverages and drinks to spend the best nights of your life. You can always go in a theater if you want to watch any new adventure or action packed movies. Re watching your favorite movies at your home with some arrangements will also be a great idea. You can arrange for a perfect sound system, cosy beds or couches for perfect movie date setting. You can groove and hop on your favorite songs, singing the song tunes everyone together is going to be that experience that you would cherish lifelong. You can get birthday cake delivery to get those birthday vibes on your post birthday celebration.

Arrange Exotic Dish with Beloved

Savor your favorite dishes on your post birthday celebration with your beloved. You can go for food hopping on different streets of the city. This can be arranges for the whole day. You can go to have the best American Breakfast at your Favorited food joint, continuing with Italian or Continental Lunch at your favorite Restaurant and having a light supper at any food corners in the town. Dinner could be planned very lavishly of most exotic dishes from bear claw to casu marzu and surprise your taste buds. A candle light dinner at the restaurant which has glimmering lights along with amazing dishes, a bottle of red wine and most romantic music playing alongside will be the best dinner date idea with love of your life. You can order a multi tier cake to make your post birthday celebration etched in your hearts forever.

Plan Exciting Wildlife Themed Party

It is always great to revisit your childhood and cherish those golden days of our lives. Wouldn’t it be a wonderful idea if you invite all your school, university and workplace’s friends to this theme based birthday party? And it would double the fun if the theme would be wildlife. This Wildlife themed party could be organised in your backyard and decorations could be such that it would give one forest vibes. Your friends and family would be dressed up in different animal costumes like gorillas, giraffes, monkeys, elephants, tiger, lion, zebra, cheetah, leopards, peacocks, frogs and what not. Moreover one can have a wildlife themed multi tier cake to have proper birthday feels. Trees could be made up with balloons and a selfie corner with forest props can be arranged to have most adventurous post birthday celebration.

Arrange Sleepover or Slumber Party

Everyone runs busy once passed out of universities. There are hardly times when friends meet so slumber parties or sleepovers could be the best to spend time and catch up with your loved ones. You can arrange different ideas like having a Pancake Bar, Glow in Dark zone, Ice cream bar, making handmade lip balms or bracelets, watching your favourite series, decorating pillowcases, having a game area, arranging a mini spa, photo booth, playing musical instruments and the list goes on and on. One can always go for chit chatting reminiscing old memories and talking about their present lives. There are various birthday gift ideas like sleeping masks or fur slippers with emoticons or personalized graphics which you can give them as return gifts so that every time your friend uses it they can travel through memory lane of your post birthday party celebration.

Birthdays are very special to each one of us and it really haunts us when we aren’t able spend our birthdays as decided due to some work commitments or any other reasons. Now on wards don’t let it dishearten you we have many ways to celebrate it through pre and post birthday celebrations and make your birthday special and unforgettable one.