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Women, Always Look Professional – Use Wooden Hangers to Safely and Elegantly Store Your Suits



The finest wooden suit hangers can cost quite a bit more than their plastic or metal counterparts but they are well worth the added cost in the long run. In fact, the added benefits that they offer over their cheaper cousins are easily be recouped over their useful life. In addition a woman’s suit will last longer and its maintenance costs such as dry cleaning will be lower. Plus – and perhaps most importantly – you will always look your best in a suit that has been hung on a quality wooden hanger. Here are just three of the most noteworthy reasons why:

Primarily, wooden hangers provide superior protection for your suits

Simply put, women’s suit hangers made from wood are far sturdier than their metal and plastic cousins. This fact means that they more properly support a suit hung on them and allow the garment to more readily maintain its original shape. They also minimize the number of wrinkles in the suit and the wider support bars of a wooden hangar help to eliminate any creases in suits that have not been used in a long while.

Secondly, their construction is far stronger than the alternatives

Durability is another key benefit of wooden women’s suit hangers. In fact, if cared for properly, they will provide decades – if not a lifetime – of use. On the other hand, metal hangers are hardly worth the metal they are made of and most people throw them away almost as soon as they get them. Plastic hangers are moderately better being more durable but they do tend to eventually bend out of shape if used to hang a heavy garment.

Finally, they add a heightened aesthetic element to your closet

If not regularly decluttered and otherwise maintained, anyone’s closet can quickly become a nightmare from a purely aesthetic point of view. Suits will be laying on the floor and be subjected to who knows what type of abuse. You may eventually be able to find what business suit you want but, if the garment has not been properly hung, there is always the question of what state of readiness the suit will be in. Alternatively, the use of women’s wooden suit hangers can keep them all nicely arranged and out of harm’s way.

Looking crisp and well-groomed is a priority for every successful woman professional and the task starts with maintaining her business suit in the finest condition. For further information on how best to do so with quality women’s suit hangers or to order some of the finest wooden ones available, please contact us at Butler Luxury. We can be found online at or reached directly at 888.319.3431.