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Winter In Croatia



Croatia is a spectacular as well as popular summer destination. Although the majority of tourists usually make visits during warm seasons, there are still many reasons to consider visiting this country during winter.

While travelling, each person aims to visit the best destinations while experiencing beautiful attractions. However, during peak season, it might be impossible to get the best experience since the destinations are crowded.
There are many reasons which make a trip to Croatia during winter a beautiful, unique experience from Croatia property. They include;

Enjoy Dubrovnik festival

During winter, one will enjoy a wide variety of events which fits everyone’s taste. Such events as Christmas plays, theatre, concerts, live music, gallery events and museum, etc., are held in Dubrovnik during winter.

Winter in Croatia equals a variety of celebrations and festivals. There are many carnivals and festivals which take place in the entire country, thus making it a perfect time to experience the country’s local culture as well as taste some of its regional specialities.

Swimming time

Despite that it’s winter, the Croatian coast produces clear, calm, sunny days. Hence you can stretch out to enjoy a beautiful walk, soak in the breeze of the beautiful Adriatic sea while enjoying the fresh air. During the winter, you will get full comfort since in most cases you will have the beach entirely all to yourself.

Visit popular National Parks.

Winter season is one of the most favourable times to visit Croatia’s favourite National Parks. Being a low season, you will comfortably enjoy what the parks have to offer as well as be treated to view some great attraction sights.

For instance, Plitvice Lakes’ glistening icicles, as well as falls frozen over, are among the most magical attractions you can enjoy their view. Going for a walk through Krka or Plitivica national parks is something worth.

Enjoy Winter Cuisine

Winter in Croatia guarantees is an excellent chance to enjoy the taste of some traditional winter foods. You can enjoy eating Sarma, Bakalar, Grah, and different stews cooked or prepared over the fire. Christmas season is as well a great time to enjoy the many desserts and sweets on offer.

A perfect skiing time

Although Croatia is popular for its coast as well as beaches, the country has a moderate snowfall in the winter where you can enjoy skiing on the country’s magnificent mountains, for example, Mèdvednica mountain, a short distance from Zagreb northwards.

You can also visit Platak, which is a ski resort standing to the north of famous Rijeka, and another one known as Velika, located on the slopes of Papuk Mountain to the south.

Save cash

Since winter is a low season in Croatia, you can save a lot on your expenditures over your trip. There is a high possibility for you to get even more bang for your costs since a lot of prices, including transport, hotels, and airfares become cheaper after the heavy tourist summer season is over.

Remember, winter is usually considered to be Croatia’s low-season, a result, there are fewer trains and bus connections as compared to during the summer. Thus, plan your trip accordingly and prepare to enjoy the tranquillity and peace of Croatia.