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Why You Should Use WordPress to Build a Website for Your Business



Have you ever wanted to start your own business but have taken a step back because you didn’t know how and where to create your own website. Or have you ever missed out on potential customers because your business doesn’t have any site? If yes! Then it is for sure that you are losing out on so many things. If you are not a tech-savvy person then, creating and setting your own website can be a little difficult and would take a lot of time. So, it is always better to hire someone to do it for you. These days you can find talented and qualified freelance WordPress Developer who can help you with the entire process, you can also hire a company to do it for you.

It’s 2018 and having a website for any business is as important as having your business. Having no site means your potential audience doesn’t even know you exist. People can find you on the internet through your website no matter the geographical distance. Moreover, setting up a website is easier than ever, especially if you use WordPress for it.

What is WordPress?

Now, that you know the importance of having a website let’s discuss what actually is WordPress. WordPress is a CMS (Content Management System) which simply helps you in organizing and displaying the content on your website.

This means all the things that are there on your site which includes the headers, blogs, web content, contact & information, videos etc.  Everything that is on your site is basically content that can be updated anytime.

Reasons to Make a Website on WordPress

Here are some of the reasons why you must choose WordPress for your business website.

It is Available for Free

Now, who doesn’t want that right! Especially if you are a start-up or if you have a small business getting it for free is a good option for you.  But you will have to pay for web hosting. You may also want to buy themes instead of the free themes available to make your site look even better. But you can download the WordPress CMS for free and check it out yourself.

WordPress is Super-Easy to Use

WordPress can be easily installed in just 5 minutes, yes that’s true! It has guidelines and steps to help you through the entire process. Even if you are not a tech-savvy person you can create your site through few easy and simple steps. Some complex steps may include reading and conversing with the support forums.

The WordPress Community is Huge

Almost 30% of the websites on the internet runs on WordPress. There are a number of people using WordPress, so this means that even if you have some problem or issue there are answers for you in one of the developer forums or WordPress support.

This also means that if in future you want to outsource the maintenance, design, content of your site, there are plenty of freelance web developer as well as full-time developers who can help you with the CMS work for your site.

You Can Make your WordPress site Quirky and Different

WordPress is an open source, professional, part-time and hobby developers are always looking for ways and means to make it even better. There are around a thousand free as well as paid themes out there that you can choose to make your site look even better.

While picking the right themes for your site take care of the color scheme, site’s layout, signage, and your business. You can also search for keywords and you will see results as per your business. And, in future, if you ever get bored of your theme you can change it anytime. However, you will have to follow a few steps before changing the theme to make your site work the same way as before.

You Can also Create Your Dream Functionality by Using WordPress Plugins

After you are done with choosing the web host and theme for your site and have set up the basic site. Then you can use plugins to make your site work just the way you want to. There are thousands of plugins that you can use.  High-speed loading, optimizing your blog posts, getting backup automatically are some of the features that you will get. You have plugins for these features.

WordPress also supports multimedia content. This means your site is not just limited to blogs or articles. You can make your website impressive by embedding videos, slideshows, podcasts and many more things on your site by using the correct plugins.

Your Website is Secure by Using WordPress

If you are using WordPress you can quickly and easily update all of your software’s, which is very important to keep the hackers and identity thieves away from your site.  On WordPress, some of the updates are automatic in order to prevent any kind of security breaches and vulnerabilities. You can also choose whether you want your plugins to update automatically or you want to update them manually by yourself.