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Why Visiting Iceland Should be Your Top Priority?



Visiting Iceland

Travelling is considered as a real fun. While traveling one can explore new places and know about various cultures too. Most people love to visit natural occurring places like beaches, mountains, seas to enjoy the beauty of nature. According to a survey, traveling reduces tension as well as stress. Moreover, it helps you in coming out of your busy routine.

If you are also thinking to travel but don’t know where to go then Iceland is considered an amazing place to visit once in a lifetime. Iceland possesses a great history, a rich amount of culture and variety of interesting places. Self drive tours in Iceland are considered as the best ones as you can enjoy every single moment according to your choice without any time bond.

Usually, most of the people have a mental image that Iceland is covered with ice and streets are covered with snowfall. That’s partially true because there are several other things which you would relish and enjoy to the fullest.

Iceland is known to be the favorite destination for shooting Hollywood movies due to its scenic beauty. Now, what are you waiting for? Plan a trip and pay a visit to Iceland.

Things that will make you fall in love with Iceland.

Let’s have a look:

The Northern Lights

Ice land is located at the top of the world that is the reason this country becomes the best spot for viewing the wonder of the Northern Lights. This is one of the major reasons for people visiting Iceland. The technical name of Northern Lights is “Aurora Borealis”. It is generally a phenomenon caused by the upper section of the atmosphere struck by supercharged electrons which are caused by the solar wind. Moreover, to enjoy this beautiful sight pay a visit between Septembers to April.


Iceland is a country having various mountains and peaks with their extended ranges. The most unique property of these mountains is that every surface has a different color. You can never find any two hills of the same color. Moreover, they are made of rhyolite rock due to the presence of volcanic activities.

Blue Lagoon

There are various hot pools present in Iceland but Blue Lagoon is found in the bucket list of most people. The specialty of this place is its water.  Here the water which is usually hot due to the presence of geothermal power. Sulfur and silica are present in this water and you can expect to take a refreshing dip too.

Traditional Culture

People of Iceland have a sophisticated European culture based on old traditions. There are several museums’ which reflects the traditional culture of the country. Skogar Museum is one of the national museums in South Iceland founded by a 90 years old man in 1949.

Great History

The history of Iceland is clearly reflected in the museum. In this museum, visitors can see the small houses and know about the history of inhabitants in Iceland. There are specific farming and fishing tools, old papers and clothes which reflects the living culture of the people. In a short span of time, you will get to know about a lot of things.

Ice Caves

Most of the movies have featured the ice caves of Iceland. And if you have never seen an ice cave before then after seeing it for the first time you will be amazed. Moreover, these ice caves are present inside glaciers and you can even experience light on the walls of this cave.


Most of the travelers love to try new dishes and specialty of new places. In Iceland, you will be provided with every dish starting from lamb dish to seafood meals. If you are on a special diet then you need not have to worry. You will be provided with every type of food according to your requirement.

Midnight Sun

There is one another unique experience which you can never afford to miss. Iceland is situated under the Arctic Circle providing bright summer nights.  These never lasting days can be usually experienced from May to late July. During the summers as well as winters sun can be seen very early.

Icelandic Horses

Icelandic horses are usually of pony-sized. These horses have a longer life span and are considered to be the world’s purest breed. Moreover, Icelandic horses are very friendly.

Different studies have revealed that these horses were brought to Iceland via Viking ships for fulfilling the need of transportations. And this continued for many years over the rough terrain of Iceland.


The people who are adventurous should surely visit this place. Everything will be provided here starting from mountain biking, horse riding, glacier tours, and river rafting till whale watching.  There are endless outdoor activities present for your enjoyment and fun. One can never expect to get bored in this wonderful place.


It is true that Iceland is known as a land of ice and fire but it is only the ice part that has conquered the minds of the people. This country has experienced a number of active volcanoes but they have not erupted for many years.

If you are interested in seeing the volcanic mountains then you can visit Thrihnukagigur volcano.

All the things discussed above will definitely make you fall in love with Iceland. So, pack your bags and head towards Iceland which is a paradise in Europe.

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