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Why Powerbank Explode?



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Power Bank is becoming one of the most essential phone accessories. People are buying it like crazy. But most of them don’t know which powerbank is best for their phone. People have a wrong notion that if the battery capacity is very huge then it’s a great powerbank. And people usually just see these features only. But there are many things to check before buying a powerbank which I will discuss later in this post.

Before buying a power bank you must answer a few questions to yourself like

why you need a power bank?
Are you a traveller?
What your Phone battery?
Does it accept fast charging?
What all other gadgets you carry?
How many gadgets do you need to charge at a time?

Now, you might be thinking what crazy questions are these. But believe me, if you have answered these questions then finding the best power banks would be much easier and you will easily understand the specification of the power bank by reading the reviews in any site.

Why powerbank explode?

As you might have heard of many cases of powerbank getting explode. And while buying power bank you might be worried about it. So, here in this post, I am going to tell you about the few reasons for power bank getting exploded.

One of the expensive component or you may say the heart of the powerbank is the battery and it should be properly chosen for a good power bank. Some powerbank company uses recycled battery or the Lithium-ion battery. These are one of the prime factors for the explosion.

Poor Circuitry is also one of the main reasons for the explosion. A good circuit means it should contain power control circuit and short circuit protection any many other types of protection circuits. Now you might be what is their significance in the power bank? This is one of the big mistake done by the people in choosing the powerbank. They think these features to be useless. As many power bank is available in the market at a cheaper rate in the market without these features. And considering this price factor people usually buy these poor quality power bank.

Bad practices is another reason for powerbank explosion. Now you might be wondering what these practices are? Usually, people leave their powerbank charging for long hours even their powerbank is fully charged. Actually, this factor not only helps in preventing from the explosion but also help in increasing your power bank battery life. Not only power bank battery life but any battery life you are using in your daily day to day life. The battery should be only charged only if is fully discharged.

Charging your battery more often can decrease your battery life too. Exposing your power bank to high temperature can lead to an explosion of your powerbank. In some powerbank there is a circuit for voltage control. This prevents in the situation when a large voltage is supplied as an input to the power bank.

See buy a powerbank after knowing each and everything about the powerbank as the explosion of power bank can lead to a regrettable moment in anybody’s life. So below I am going to list down a few features which you must see before buying any powerbank.

Types of battery

It is very necessary to have an idea about the type of battery present in your power bank. Usually, powerbank have Li-polymer battery.

Overcharge protection

Most of the time people leave their phone in charging for a long time and this had a very bad impact on the battery. So, this feature helps your phone in such a situation. And you must see these features before buying any powerbank.

Power Output

Different gadgets have different power requirements like smartwatch or fitness band they usually need less power. Phone with smart charging usually needs more power than a general phone for charging. So, do check power output of the powerbank before buying the powerbank if your phone support fast charging or you have other gadgets like smartwatch or fitness band.

Number of ports

It is the most prominent features which people usually care but in a wrong way. I don’t know Why? Having more number of the port doesn’t make your powerbank cool. If you only have a single gadget and you want more number of ports then it is meaningless. As I already asked you to answer a question about how many gadgets you can charge at a time. For many people, it’s just one. So, for those people, you don’t need to see for the number of ports that are there.

Short circuit protection

Another important feature which can’t be ignored. You must see for this feature if you think safety for your phone. Because if some malfunctioning happens then it may cost you your phone.

There are many features which you may hear when you are purchasing a power bank but the features which I mentioned over here are the basic features which must be present for a good power bank and will also be best for your phone. So, I am ending this post here and hope you have a wonderful buying experience with your powerbank. Do share your views and suggestion in the comments.