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Why Personalization still very important for digital marketing?



Although the word ‘Personalization’ looks to be a normal term, the wonder it creates in the marketing field is mesmerizing. Dale Carnegie said that a person’s name is the sweetest word irrespective of any language. This is the reason why marketing turns out to be a successful one when personalization is employed into action. It automatically generates a stronger relationship between the organization and the individual. Comfort will be developed whenever the user tries to use some kind of service.

How effective is personalized marketing?

Personalization is a powerful tool when used in the right position and at right time. It is more effective than what everyone thinks. This is the reason why most of the popular companies and brand addresses are using this technique to excel in their business. Research reveals that personalized emails received 29 percent higher open rates and about 41 percent more click-through rates when compared to general messages.  So, what does personalized marketing involves? It is not just prefixing the customer’s name before the message. It is something beyond it.

It is a strategy that integrates the various marketing mediums as the email, blogs, social media and other similar ones to output exciting results. In addition to that, it also involves the collection of all possible data about the customers and analyzes it deeply in order to specially design a marketing strategy only targeting them.

Data is wealth

When it comes to a personalized marketing campaign, data plays a prime role. Without this, you can’t imagine a customized strategy for your target group. Impressing each one in the target group is significant to increase profitability. So, try out all the available methods to reach the end audience and try to collect as much data as possible. Conduct surveys, emails, list segments and collect valuable insights.

Once you are confident enough about the data you have collected, start working on the data. Try to find as many connections as possible that can be linked to your business in some way. When finding them you will be able to tell the behavioral pattern of the customer and also their preferences, which are the most valuable resources to hold a successful marketing campaign.

Here are some of the points that you must consider to understand the power of personalization.

  • Create a great impact among the target audience

Effective marketing becomes a cakewalk, with valuable data resources about the individual target audience. Personalization is the key that will take you much closer to your audience group. For instance, suppose if your audience love movies then you can utilize the pop-up culture references to impress them. This will definitely increase the conversion rates. The end user will absolutely enjoy the service hence the user experience improves talking your business to the positive direction.

Consider the OfficeMax team which uses this particular strategy in all their email campaigns. It personalizes the content depending upon the user’s location and got a good reach among the audience.

  • Create catchy contents

There is a heavy competition prevailing out in the world in almost every field. People are seeking for innovative methods and ideas that can keep them stand out of the competitive crowd. Customization is one of the best strategies that you can utilize to draw the attention of the users and stay ahead of your competitors.

Another important thing is the content. It plays a major role in any kind of marketing article; it may be either email, blog post or other similar ones. The content must be such that it leaves a special memory to the customer.

For example consider Coca-Cola, which launched its personalized text labeled beverages to share. That particular Coke campaign was a grand success for them. It attracted a lot of people increasing the profit rate than ever before. To achieve more profit all that you need id one spark idea that will be loved by the majority of people. This is simply amazing how one small change can turn the complete stage.

  • Foundation for a strong relationship

With customized marketing, you not only increase your profit but also pave way for a long term source of income. People enjoying your service will personally get attached to you. Hence a strong relationship will be built among you and the individuals. Hence a stable long term relationship begins leading to strengthening your organization further deeply.

  • Generates a brand image

Apart from collecting the user data and creating a customized marketing campaign, you must also consider creating an identity for your business. This will personify your organization and create brand value. Suppose if you are offering manual email reply to every customer then you can reveal the faces behind every email. You can showcase that you are not using robots for email service. This will generate a positive impression over your organization among the users.

Nowadays, some organizations have also begun to post the article along with the name of the employee their post and department they belong to. This will glorify the image and earn you the name of the best digital marketing company.

  • Make accurate recommendations

Tracking the customer behavior pattern isn’t the wrong thing. Most of the top e-commerce sites make use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to check out the purchase history and orders of the customer. This will allow it to understand the preference of the customer. By doing so, it can make highly accurate recommendations for the customers, thereby increasing sales.

  • Enhances sales and productivity

Profit is the main objective of any organization. By conducting an effective personalized campaign, it not only connects to the people but also generates a brand image. This will directly create an impact on the sales increasing productivity and profit.