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Why Indian CEOs Are Facing AI, ML, and Data Science Talent Crisis

Though hiring potential in high in India, companies are CEOs who still face challenges in hiring AI experts. However, there is huge potential for candidates with AI certifications.



Today, India projects healthy growth toward the implementation of new-age technologies such as AI, machine learning, and data science. Yet, there’s a shortfall of tech talent in the Indian job market.

Is India the hub for cutting-edge technologies?

Have they been successful in tackling talents in these fields?

Though the job landscape has drastically changed within the past few years, the technology market saw no progress in establishing newer talents.

  • Based on a report by LinkedIn, AI and machine learning jobs were seen to be one of the highest sought after jobs in India.

As stated by Deep Kalra, MakeMyTrip CEO, it is still a challenge for them to retain talents in this field. Forget retaining, hiring talent itself is still the toughest task for potential employers.

Kalra says, “it’s a real, real pain. Getting good talent for cutting edge technology is the toughest. There’s such a fight for it. You get people and train them but they leave because they are being offered much higher salaries here and there.”

Here are a few instances that prove India needs to buck up: –

  • MakeMyTrip has a tech workforce of around 800 and yet they only have 15 people working in the data science field.
  • Within the next few years, more than 50% of the workforce will be moving toward becoming AI experts and preparing for ML, and data science jobs. However, this remains to be the biggest challenge for the HR and talent management functions, says a survey by KPMG.

According to Pawan Goyal, the chief business officer at, he also truly agreed to the fact about India undergoing a significant rise in AI and machine learning job opportunities. Though talent is a niche, it has been extensively increasing over the past years. But, India still needs to go a long way before they’re able to match the demands made by the job market, he says.

What can be an alternative solution to overcome the shortfall of ML, data science, and AI experts?

As top employers and CEOs find it challenging to recruit the right talent for the job, most companies are looking to invest in their employees. Doing so will give them the opportunity to adapt to the latest technologies through reskilling, upskilling or training programs.

If these companies want to survive in the era of digitalization, they need to strategically start rethinking on how to train their employees.

Being laidback at implementing these upskilling or reskilling programs might lead to redundancy of their skills.

There are companies that held back reskilling programs of their employees due to financial constraints or at times due to lack of time.

When it comes to hiring a techie, employers tend to look for candidates who come with an opening balance of skills or those with professional AI certification.

Individuals who possess an AI skill is a potential candidate for the tech market. Based on a report, it is stated that AI technologies have the potential of increasing the labor rate by 40%, thus doubling the economic growth around 12 nations that continue to look for individuals who can work in this domain.

Why do you need an AI certification?

  • Cater to newer and unconventional career trajectory – there will be opening of 2.3 million jobs in AI this year, says a Gartner report. Also, there are near about 83% of companies that agreed to the fact that AI is already helping them create new jobs.
  • Potential hike in the pay package – giant companies are open to discussion in terms of salary compensation.
  • 100% hiring opportunities – organizations are quite skeptical about their hiring process thus candidates with an AI certification would be highly preferred.
  • The demand is likely to grow – there will always be one in five companies that will be using AI to come up with strategic decisions, thus providing the company with customized solutions and offering real-time instructions to the employees.