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Why Flexible LED screens for Stage are important for Concerts?



Big concerts are not at all easy to manage. It is an entire organizational machine that is made up of specialized personnel and tools at the height of the concert and the size of the concert itself. 

 We must disentangle ourselves in the choice of the adequate infrastructures to be placed in very large, internal or external spaces. Not to mention the importance of choosing the means of projection.

Led screen: what exactly is it?

The LED screen for the stageis the device formed instead of single panels connected to create large surfaces that can be used, for the transmission of images, even individually.

 Here they are the most suitable solution when you want to simultaneously transmit several images within a concert.

Their strengths are: 

 –  ability to exploit the most economical LED technology

 –  ease of transport, given their lightness 

 –  ability to view different images simultaneously for a very large audience 

Generally, LED screens are preferred when, rather than using modular solutions, simplicity of use is preferred. These are large monitors immediately ready for use, as it is not necessary to assemble the various panels.

Today we increasingly talk about video walls and LED video wall panels, without even knowing for sure what the precise differences between one and the other dissemination tool, promotional and celebratory videos are. To meet this requirement, there are different solutions each of which has some peculiarities that make it, according to the requirements, the more or less adequate for the specific case. 

Since, too often, confusion arises in the middle of end-users, to the point of considering them the same thing where they are not at all, it is good, before assessing which device can best meet your needs, start with a detailed analysis of the characteristics and differences.

 The use of LED screens in concerts

As mentioned, therefore, the LED screens are made up of single panels that are connected to create large surfaces. Theycan also be used independently for image broadcastand they are used as spot viewpoints within the big performance. They are therefore devices that can form elements in a single block that can reach from a half-meter length and height with a single module to much larger dimensions and are the most suitable solution when you want to transmit several images simultaneously within a concert: they can be considered as displays that, connected with a computer or a storage device, show a video in a loop, a conference or a live concert and do not necessarily have to have rectangular or square shapes because they can also be installed with different shapes thanks to their “die cast” structure in self supporting aluminium.

The use of video walls in major concerts

A video wall is a basic tool in large performance: it is the foundation for most of the sets as it assurance a high capacity for customization. It is a device that can be adapted basically because of the different show that composes it can be brought together at will, hypothetically without limits to perpetuity. In the past video, walls had a great limit on the frames of the solitary elements, which comprise an element of trouble in the right visualization of the image as a whole. With the evolution of technology and the definition of increasingly advanced systems, counting LED screens, this limit has also been reduced. Video walls are essential during trade fairs to allow visitors to see videos and images of extra large dimensions close up with an excellent resolution.

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