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Why Do Most People Prefer Engineered Wood Floors In Their Homes?




Timeless in look and quality, engineered wood flooring offers a fine balance between industrial stability and natural durability. If you are interested in installing these flooring options in your home, then read away to know the many pros of fitting engineered wood floors at your homes.

The real wood effect: If you want nothing less than wood on the floorings of your house or office but hate to spend on its regular maintenance, you may as well try engineered wood floors. Engineered wooden floors look just like hardwood floors owing to its top hardwood layering that you can consider using the same to refurnish your entire house including the high traffic areas with the same.

Easy installation: Hassle-free and seamless installation of these floors over any kind of layer be it concrete or stone makes it more preferable. Engineered wooden floors are nothing but a thin layer of hardwood over two layers of solid plywood, which explains its resistance to moisture, humidity and water than their hardwood counterparts. Moreover, engineered boards are resistant to temperature fluctuations, which means that you need not to worry if you live in extreme weather conditions.

Multiple installation techniques: Hardwood floors are prone to expansion due to their tendency to absorb moisture. Engineered floors, on the other hand, remain static and intact. This means that you can fit in your engineered floors over your existing floors without worrying about the exact measures. Depending on your needs, you may either choose to glue the engineered hardwood or fit in planks with locking mechanisms.

Increases the rate of return during resale: Planning to sell your house? Well, the engineered hardwood apart from rendering that chic and polished look increases the resale value of your place. Hardwood being difficult and costly to maintain, you will be able to quote a higher price by having engineered hardwood across the rooms including bathrooms and kitchen.

Consistent aesthetics: The regular wood flooring would not lend the same look throughout. The engineered wood owing to its industrial effect allows an aesthetic appeal that is consistent across all rooms. The uniform look coupled with the gloss ensures a unique sense of appeal and grace.

Relatively inexpensive: Price does matter, especially, for those who cannot afford to extend their budget. Engineered floors cost less and are more durable than the hardwood species. This explains why they are considered an excellent, one-time investment. Moreover, one does not have to go through the hassle of polishing them each year, thus, saving money on their repair, refinishing and maintenance. The splendour of wood can never be replaced. The best you can do is to retain it by installing engineered hardwood floors.

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