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Why Delhi has the most profitable commercial properties?



If you have money to invest and are looking for great financial instruments that give you great returns, then we suggest that instead of opting for shares or putting your money in fixed deposits look for commercial property for sale in Delhi. If you make the right choice, then the return that your investment in real estate property will give you, no other financial instrument can match it. As Indian economy is growing by leaps and bounds. It is but expected that prices of property and real estate will continue to grow at an exponential rate. This factor has made an investment in real estate, so lucrative.

While it is true that the prices of real estate property are going up everywhere in the country, we are going to focus our attention on the Delhi real estate market in this article. The reason behind this is the unprecedented growth in the real estate sector in the Delhi that is outstripping the increase inreal estate prices in other parts of the country. The question arises, why the prices of real estate properties in Delhi are going up at such an astonishing pace? Here we will like to give you some reasons why the Delhi commercial property market is showing such great performance.

1.Demographic dividend: One of the biggest reason for the astonishing growth rate of the real sector in Delhi is the change in demographics in the workplace. As more and more millennials are entering the workforce, the change in real estate prices has shifted to high gear as these highly skilled people want to live in cities which have great infrastructure. Delhi NCR is the capital city of India has some of the best infrastructure projects in the country. For this reason, millennials love to work here as there are more opportunities available for them in the city.

2. Ease of travel: People nowadays have to spend a lot of their time and money to travel from their home to their office and back. That is the reason, people like to live in those places from where they can easily commute to their place of work. Delhi has a lot of business districts that allows a large number of people to easily travel there as an infrastructure and communication modes are already in place. Therefore, any new company looking for a place to start the operation, find Delhi the ideal place as their employees can come to their office without any great hassle.

3. High growth of our economy: India is among the top economic performer in the world. This high economic performance has resulted in a great demand for new office spaces all around the country. Additionally, India is also attracting a record number of FDI in the country, which also improves the demand for commercial real estate properties. Since Delhi NCR is the capital city of India, most companies like to have their presence in the city. This has ensured that the commercial property price in and around are rising due to heavy demand.

4. Low-interest rates: People with a huge amount to invest are looking for great investment opportunities. And as interest provided by banks or fixed deposits are at a record low, people are veering towards investing in gold or properties. Investment in properties is believed to provide both higher returns and greater security, which share market (which is also at dizzying heights) cannot match. Around the country, one of the places where investment in real estate property gives you the best return for your money is the Delhi NCR. Thanks to its high ROI, more and more investors are interested in buying property in this area.

5.Fantastic location: Delhi has a fantastic location as it is situated between three big commercial areas like Noida, Gurgaon and Western Uttar Pradesh. As these locations have a large number of business enterprises, people looking to make business deals love to have a have their office near any of these places. Delhi is the ideal spot from which you can connect with Rajasthan, Punjab, Haryana and Uttar Pradesh. Additionally, the new road network, which is proposed to connect in Delhi with Rajasthan and Gujarat is going to make this city a big Logistical hub. This future potential of the city is attracting investorsto buy properties here.

6.It has something for everybody: The amazing thing about this city is that it has something for everybody. While in some cities, you have to pay a huge amount of money to buy a commercial property, in Delhi, depending upon the area, the rate of the properties varies hugely. Therefore, whether you have a huge amount of capital or even a modest one, you can get a real estate property that falls within your budget.

7. High quality civic infrastructure: Delhi NCR has a great civic infrastructure compared to other cities in India. Here are a large number of expressways, Ring Road, freeways, flyovers, railway station, metro stations and airport. Additionally, you will also get a well-established financial market, banks and insurance agencies. All these are very important for any commercial activity in a place. Since the city has all of them, it has become a favourite among businessmen who are looking to invest in real estate to start their business.

8.There are big multinational companies in the city: Delhi has numerous multinational companies or their head office situated here. As more companies to want to more business with these multinationals, they will be looking for commercial properties in Delhi to house their offices. Therefore, it makes complete sense to buy real estate property businesses as it is almost certain that their price will go up drastically in the future, as demand will grow more with so much economic activity happening in the city.

These are just some of the advantages that you will find in Delhi NCR. Therefore, if you are looking for a safe place to invest your money in real estate, then Delhi NCR is one of the most attractive locations in the country. These are some of the reasons why property prices in the city are growing so fast.