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Why And How To Utilize Real Estate To Make Big Bucks?



Why And How To Utilize Real Estate To Make Big Bucks?

There is an ongoing buzz in the real estate and passive income industry about the effectiveness of real estate as an income source. Several industry experts raised numerous facts about its effectiveness and almost all of them are in favor of real estate investment. In this article, we are going to discuss some points that make real estate investment a lucrative income tool and how you can get into it too. Let’s start with the first question:

Why utilize real estate investment as a lucrative income source?

This question has a long list of answers that are backed by proven data. Renowned investors consider real estate investment as their primary weapon. As per the sources, real estate investment is attracting the eyeballs of the existing and aspiring investors day by day. People are exploring new niches of real estate investment to maximize their profits. The commercial and residential property in Noida extension, Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Kolkata, and other feature-rich cities are selling like hot cakes due to the craze of real estate investment. Here are 10 notable points as the answer to the above question.

  1. Extra Profit From Refinancing

When the rent of your property stays the same and you successfully refinance it to lower the mortgage or loan, you make extra profit from it.

  1. Lower Risk

The risk of investing in real estate is very less than the other investment options. This form of investment stays totally under your control. Also, the cost of property always increases over time and never decreases.

  1. Several Tax Benefits

Investing in real estate can save you tax in several terms. Also, the tax on properties and rental income are really less as compared to the income from other sources.

  1. A Controllable Process

You have the full control over choosing and buying a property, renting it, refinancing it, and staging or flipping it. You can choose the way to make the most profit out of your investment.

  1. More Profit From Renting Varieties

You can rent the property for a short or long term as per your game plan. You will get the option to rent it for commercial or residential use.

  1. Profit Leveraging Facilities

The cost of a property always appreciates and that lets you leverage your profit over time. You can rent it for short term and increase the rent as the property increases.

  1. Increases In Returns

The more appreciation value adds to your property, the more you get in terms of return. A long-term well-maintained property gives the highest return where a short-term sale provides comparatively less return.

  1. High Selling Price

As we all know, the sale of a quality property can make the seller a millionaire over time. As compared to the other sources, this has the highest selling price.

  1. Possibly Low Investment

If you can manage to grab a good deal and buy a property at a lower price then you don’t need to invest a lot.

  1. Steady Monthly Rental Income

Rental income is a dependable and true passive income source. You can plan your retirement depending on this income if you manage to keep your tenants for a long time.

Hope you are aware of the effectiveness of real estate investment after reading the above 10 points. Now, let’s find the answer to the second question, which is:

How to utilize real estate to make the best of it?

If you want to invest in real estate then you need to do a local market research first. There are several sub-niches of real estate investment but you need to know what works in your area and makes you comfortable. You can conduct a survey and take feedback from the owners of the flats in Noida extension, Gurgaon, Kolkata, Mumbai, or wherever you want to invest. Also, the amount of investment and the nature of profit are two important facts to be considered. Here, we are listing 10 common ways to get into real estate and create a living around it.

  1. Investing In Commercial Real Estate

The commercial real estate investment gives you a high return on investment if you rent it to the right business that is capable to pay you your desired amount on time.

  1. By Lending Hard Money

People, who want to buy a home but are out of cash, are your targeted customers here. You can lend them short-term or long-term cash with payable interest at an agreed rate.

  1. Vacation Rentals

If you own a property near a vacation spot then you can rent it as a vacation stay and make money out of it. These are mainly a form of short-term rentals.

  1. Short-Term Sales

This is the opposite of long-term sales. You can buy a property and sell it just after a few months of buying when you get a good deal. You can do it randomly to maximize your earning in a short period.

  1. Take Contracts For Flipping

You can take contracts from the house flippers and work as there Assistant. You can earn a handsome commission for it.

  1. Renovate Homes To Flip

This is a fix and flip business model. You find and buy a damaged property for an extremely low cost, fix it, and sell it at a higher profit that covers your buying and renovating expenses.

  1. Leasing Property

You can lease a property to a potential buyer until he becomes eligible to buy the property. This way you will earn a steady monthly income from the future buyer.

  1. Long-Term Residential Property Rentals

You can rent your property for long-term to enjoy hassle-free dependable easy monthly rental income for decades from the same tenants.

  1. Short-Term Residential Property Rentals

Short-term property rentals are renting your property for vacation, OYO, Airbnb, PGs etcetera. This is a quick source of income from real estate.

  1. Become A Home Inspector

You can become a home inspector and work for both the buyers and the sellers to inspect the property before making a deal. This work involves inspecting the land, its surroundings, and legal proofs.