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Which Is Better for You, Transition or Progressive Lenses?



Which Is Better for You, Transition or Progressive Lenses

Progressive lenses have natty ability to correct your vision for both close and long ranges. As bifocals have features for two-level strength but progressive lenses gradually change the lens setting. Moving down with the lens in progressive lenses, remove the visible line that can find in bifocals. The prescription safety glasses with progressive lenses help to improve vision with wide coverage.

Transition lenses have an instinctive nature feature that allows the lenses to modify their shades according to the amount of light surround you. The great advantage of these lenses is that they can work for both RX safety glasses and sunglasses equally. It’s amazing right, let’s find out more information about these exciting technologies.

Why progressive lenses are useful:

The great advantage of progressive lenses is really undeniable. The progressive features of such type of lenses are that they provide a clear image for the whole field of vision. For this reason, they are also known as progressive addition lenses that provide the perfect alternative. These are perfect for those who need bifocals for reading prescription eyeglasses or others for clear eyesight. The lenses are designed for those people who are not satisfied with the bifocals result. They need trendier and of course better alternative.

Progressive lenses are made for gradually change vision like lower density is found in the upper part of the lens. And they gradually increase and finally touches the maximum range at the lowest part of lenses. This feature definitely assists to those who require bifocals or trifocals in their eyeglasses without blurring vision. The lenses in the center have gradually curvature and entirely different the obvious line of regular bifocals. With ensuring better vision, they have features that allow the eye to focus near and far distances.

Are transition lenses better for me:

Transition lenses are better known as photochromic lenses and ideal for those who want to shield their eyes from harmful sun rays. They are specially designed that they adopt darker shade as they exposed to sunlight. Basically, the darker shade protects the eyes from the penetration of sunlight that has dangerous effects on the eyes. They have a great trait of turning back into clear lenses as you walk into the indoor side. It takes a few minutes to change state from dark to clear hue. It facilitates the wearer of both in and out an advantage with one eyewear.

Frames for transition and progressive lenses:

This is really great news for wearers that prescription safety glasses frames are available for both transition and progressive lenses. Simply, you have to do one thing, you need near vision requirement for the bottom portion of lenses. As you get this number, be ready to order any type of glasses even designer frames as well.

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