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Where can I start over?



Where can I start over - Featured

In everyone’s life there comes a point where we want to start anew. However, although many people have asked themselves “where can I start over”, not many dared to take such a great step. After all, to start over one must let go of a lot of things from their past. Some of which may bring bad memories, others, however, may carry good ones. And it’s not easy letting go of the latter. For those of you adventurous and brave enough to make this great step, we have compiled this article. After all, there are many things you should take into consideration when you decide to start over. However, you don’t have to face them alone. We are here for you. So let us help you find your new beginning, and propel yourself into a new, brighter, future.

The important question – why do you want to start over?

Let’s start with the most important question here, why do you want to start over? To clarify, which aspect of your life do you aim to change? Why is this question so important you might wonder? Well, because, to make this fresh start work you need to be goal oriented. Starting anew is not a simple undertaking. If all goes well, it could be smooth.  However, it’s far too easy to rely on an optimistic view of life. The reality, however, tends to take a more restrained approach. There is a high chance that when you decide to start over you will be facing difficult days, months or even years. Staying focused on why you are doing all that becomes even more important during those times.

Staying focused on your goal will help you start over despite the possible difficulties.

So ask yourself, what are you looking to change in your current life? You may be dissatisfied with the job opportunities in your area. You might want to go to some place where you will be able to achieve personal growth. Or you might even just be bored with the scenery and want to make a complete change in your life. All of these are valid reasons to start over. However, they do impact the decision of where to start over. It’s not enough to just pick a destination and grab a moving 101 guide. You need a destination that will keep you dedicated. So let us go through these three most common reasons why people might choose to start over, and some destinations that might help you do just that.

Moving for a better career opportunity

So many people choose to start over looking for a better career. After all, isn’t a young person moving to L.A. to make it big in Hollywood a famous trope already? Reality is, many people are just tired with their job and in certain communities, better job options may not be available. Even worse, you might be eager to work, but just can’t seem to land that dream job you desire. Luckily, we live in the age of the internet and many new jobs appear that can be found that will enable you to make a living online. So if you are generally satisfied with your surroundings, but just need a better career option, checking those out might just bring a positive change without impacting your life too much.

Thanks to the internet you can find work without changing your surroundings.

On the other hand, if you want to change your career as well as your surroundings, here are some cities in the US that might be just the right place for you to start over:

Tallahassee, Florida

With the fastest growing economy in all of Florida, comparatively low costs of living and great beaches to boot, Tallahassee is a great option for people looking to start over. Not to mention that it is considered one of the best places in the US to start your own business, drawing in many young entrepreneurs. This means that even if starting your own company might seem too daunting for you, there will always be new career opportunities on the rise.  You can even find moving professionals from the area online, for example,

Cleveland, Ohio

Another great city to jump-start your career is Cleveland. Recently we found out that our friends decided to consider moving out of Rhode Island and Cleveland was their top destination. Why? Well, first of all, the many job opening in the city. Cleveland has booming IT, healthcare and manufacturing industries that keep the job listings coming. Also, it’s currently transforming into a youth-culture city with all the people coming in. So for, say a young IT professional looking to start over, Cleveland just might be the perfect fit.

Fargo, North Dakota

If you are not that into youth culture and are looking for a more peaceful and tightly-knit community, there are still great places to start over your career. One of them is Fargo, ND. Although tight-knit, Fargo’s community isn’t excluding. On the contrary, it is very welcoming to people looking to start their business there. People are generally happy to help you in this endeavor in Fargo. So if this all sounds appealing to you, you might just want to check it out. Even if you are tight on money, don’t despair. Fargo’s welcoming spirit will surely keep you through the rough going and to save up on the trip, consider looking up moving tips and tricks.

Moving for personal growth, fun or a change in scenery

The reason one may choose to start over does not necessarily have to be to find a new career. Maybe you are stuck in the same old place and want to see more of the world. Maybe the place you are coming from carries sadness or even grief and you need somewhere to reinvent yourself.  After all, every life develops under different conditions and to grow, we must sometimes leave behind things that weigh us down. To achieve this, one should consider if they should start over somewhere fresh. Here are some places in the US that might help you with that:

Carlsbad, California

A mix of beautiful beaches and art, Carlsbad is certainly one of the best places to start over. Not to mention it’s warm climate. Just imagine taking a long walk down the beach with sunshine in your hair or taking a dip in the Pacific. This place is sure to wash away any bad memories that motivated you to start over. It is also close to San Diego if you ever long for that big city experience.

Grand Rapids, Michigan

Affordable, inclusive, tight-knit. These all describe Grand Rapids, one of the best places to live in the US due to its mix of affordability and low unemployment rate. The city is also very welcoming to all kinds of people and is widely known for its LGBTQ friendliness. Add to that a strong sense of community and a growing youth population and what do you get? A place where many people would want to start over.

Austin, Texas

Looking to add a bit of southern flair to your life? Look no further than Austin. The city’s lively music scene, a mix of traditional and Mexican cultures and famous Tex-Mex cuisine is sure to charm you. While not lacking in fun, Austin also offers great business opportunities as well. Especially for young IT professionals looking to start over somewhere with an interesting cultural mix.

Where should you start over

If you have decided to bravely step towards this great change in your life, you will have to decide on where to do make it. Start over somewhere where you will feel like you fit in. A place that really fulfills all your needs and aspirations. While we have given you a head start in this article, doing your research would be most advisable. After all, only you know what fits you the best. And if you do it right, once the rough part is over, you will be looking onward, towards your dream life. Good luck!