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What You Can Do to Lose Weight if Diet and Exercise Aren’t Enough



Maintaining a healthy weight benefits us in many ways; it decreases our risk of certain medical conditions, it makes us feel more confident and comfortable in our own skin, makes the aging process smoother, and we are more likely to live longer lives. However, as the world changes, maintaining a healthy weight is easier said than done. Junk food, food availability, money, greed, and less exercise have led to an overweight population in many developed countries. A healthy diet and a good exercise routine are key to weight loss and maintenance. If you have made the right changes to your diet and you are exercising for at least half an hour a day, and yet you still aren’t seeing the results you want or need, then here is what you can do. 

Ask Yourself Questions

Asking yourself questions about the changes you have made to your diet and lifestyle may help you understand why you aren’t losing weight. For example, if you are still adding sugar to your coffee, drinking full-fat soda or your portions are too large, then these could be extra calories that you didn’t realize you were consuming. Your food choice can make an impact in weight loss too. If you are eating 1200 calories, but they consist of high-fat junk food, then you cannot expect to lose weight. 

Change Your Habits

Your eating habits can have a big impact on your weight. For example, if you snack throughout the day, it is easy to lose track of your calorie intake and overindulge. Or, if you are used to eating large meals once or twice a day, it can lead to you not losing and potentially gaining weight. Changing your habits to eating three small meals and no more than two healthy snacks a day will boost your metabolism, which will make it easier to lose weight in return. 

Avoid Stress and Sleep Well

When it comes to our health, most people disregard the importance of sleep and reducing stress. Both have an impact on our weight, as they affect our appetite and cravings. When you don’t sleep enough, your levels of ghrelin and leptin, which are appetite-regulating hormones, may be disrupted. When you are stressed, levels of cortisol increase. An imbalance of one or both sets of hormones can increase your hunger levels, which leads to a higher calorie intake and unhealthy food cravings. 

Work on Your Psychology

A balanced diet and more exercise lead to weight loss, however, your own psychology will affect how well this method works. Not being able to get started, not being able to stick to your new routine or not being able to keep the weight off is something many overweight people struggle with. This is where your personal approach and mentality matters. Working on your psychology and tailoring a plan that works for you is key to sticking to it and reaping the benefits of your new, healthier routine. 


Hypnosis can be a highly effective method of changing your habits, but it isn’t for everyone. It works best for people who are struggling to follow a healthy diet and exercise routine and can’t shake off their negative habits, like not having any self-control when you treat yourself. Hypnotherapy can be used alongside other weight loss programs that have been created by professionals in order to treat a variety of health conditions, like obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and arthritis.  

Weight Loss Surgery

Weight loss surgery should only be considered as a last resort, but it can be an extremely beneficial procedure for people who are obese and need help to change their lives. Just like all surgery, weight loss surgery comes with risks. In the majority of cases, you need to be a certain weight in order to undergo surgery. There are many weight loss procedure options in San Diego, such as Olde Del Mar Surgical. These surgeons are dedicated to transforming lives with compassion and excellence. 

To summarize, changing your diet and exercise habits should be enough to lose weight. The only reason it won’t be as effective as it should be is most likely due to your mindset and unhealthy habits. Once you make these changes, maintaining a healthy weight will be easier than you originally thought.

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