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What to seriously consider before buying a Gold Chain?

The price of the gold is spiking, However, modern times, gold chains have never gone out of fashion. But is it that easy to buy 10K or 14K gold rope chains? Consider the factors to cross-check before investing a good amount in Gold?




The price of the gold is spiking, and it turns out that the precious metal is a hot favorite of both men and women. However modern times, gold chains have never gone out of fashion. But is it that easy to buy 10K or 14K gold rope chains? Can you buy it from any jewelry seller such as so icy jewelry without a bit of cross-checking? If so, what are the factors to check for before investing a good amount in Gold?

Is gold-plated jewelry a good option?

You could opt for Gold-plated jewelry if you are working with a constraint of your budget. Gold can be expensive, and yet add little value to the quality of your life. Since it is not real gold, it is subjected to tarnish easily and has to frequently be polished. Moreover, gold-plated jewelry does not have much resale value. Real gold (above 10kt) is strong and stays the same for life, making it easy to wear.

Solid rose gold rope chains are much lighter, and also expensive. However, they may have lesser strength, may break easily, and be difficult to repair.


Let us discuss the factors to consider while buying gold jewelry

Knowledge of the purity of Gold

The purity of gold is defined by the term ‘Karat’. For example, 10 karat is 41.7% gold, 14k is 58.3%, 18k gold is 75%, and 24k is 99.99% gold. Gold is a softer metal and so the higher the karat, the less durable the gold item is. The lower the karat, the more durable.

If you are looking for something for routine wear, 14-18k will be the apt choice. Different metals are mixed with 24k gold in a certain percentage to form an alloy that has the perfect durability needed from a chain. Gold chains with 14k and above have a good resale value even if you ever melt it down.

Select what looks good on you

Gold chains are available in various sizes in the market. Some are too thick, while others may be quite delicate. Depending upon your appearance, and what looks good on you, you should pick a link after considering its durability. Thicker chains are more durable and look masculine at the same time. However, thinner chains look good when worn with a pendant attached. Here are a few chains to look out for:

· Cable Chain

The cable chain can be a good option for both men and women. It is also one of the best options if you are looking to gift someone a gold chain.

· Figaro Chain

The Figaro chain looks a little fancier than most other chains. It is designed with 2-3 short links and one long link. It is a good option for both men and women.

· Mariner Chain

If you want to gift a gold chain to a man, then the mariner chain is the most masculine-looking option. The links are oval-shaped and they resemble the chains of anchors – hence the name mariner chain.

· Rope Chain

This design of the gold chain is made to look like an actual rope, where each link looks like it is woven together with the next.

· Cuban Link Chain

Cuban link chains have links that are of similar pattern, some of which may have diamonds on them. This chain can be quite expensive. It is more of a style statement with celebrities.

· Spiga Chain

The Spiga chain consists of twisted oval links which make it look like a braid. This chain is popular with women.

What Do Chains Cost

How would you ensure that you don’t overpay for the chain? While buying any jewelry, one has to consider the price of the labor that goes into the making of the piece of jewelry. Plus, the service cost, plus the premium for the exclusive design or make.

The cost varies because of the weight and purity of the precious metal used to make it. Always cross-check the weight up front by weighing it on a scale, to be certain that you are getting what you paid for. Also, customized and special workmanship will cost more. Therefore, a new gold chain will definitely cost more than its basic price.

Also, the sellers will charge some margin over the cost. However, you can ensure that these charges fall within a reasonable range acceptable on the market.

If you think you have bought a fake, then there are gold authenticity tests that you can do at home.

Do not buy from Big Jewellery stores

Big stores generally fail to provide special service to smaller customers as they lay their eyes on bigger clients. They mainly focus on selling diamond jewelry, which is more profitable than selling 10K and 14K gold rope chains. Therefore, they might sell you a locally sourced gold chain as they do not store designer ones. Even the staff may have half knowledge about the quality of the product and may mislead you if you do not possess the knowledge of how to buy gold jewelry. They may even hide the correct information about the weight and purity of the gold from you. While small jewelers dwell on their loyalty, there are lesser chances that they will cheat you as they worry more about losing their customers and reputation.

Check for hallmark

When you purchase gold jewelry, check for the hallmark sign, which is a certification from an agency authorized by the Government to certify the authenticity of the product. This will keep you safe from cheaters. If the seller makes any excuse for not having hallmarked jewelry, avoid buying from that seller. Also, ask the seller about their buy-back policy in case you want to return it back anytime.


As they say old is gold, rose gold rope chains and similar gold jewelry are timeless pieces that hold their value for a lifetime. Buying gold is of great benefit, even as an investment.