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What to See in Copenhagen in 3 Days



Copenhagen is a city where the charm of the old is mixed wonderfully with the most modern and contemporary design. A fairytale city that, through its corners, disguises itself as futuristic in a unique experience for the senses. If you only have one weekend to visit, do not worry. Here we will give you a series of clues so you do not miss a single detail of this beautiful Baltic lady. We recommend you to visit it especially in spring or summer to enjoy the fullness of its streets, squares and monuments.


We can make the first contact with Copenhagen on a wonderful cruise through its channels. You will enjoy from the water of its churches, castles, the statue of the Little Mermaid and other monuments. Stroll later by the Stroget, the largest pedestrian shopping area in Europe, to enjoy the atmosphere. Look at the houses that mark this street, in the purest style of Danish design. By the way, here at the Stroget you can also find one of the best Lego shops you can see in Europe. Do not miss a single detail of this corner of the city.

After having lunch in a good restaurant near the Storget, you have to visit the Rosenborg Castle, an authentic fairy-tale castle. It shows the jewels of the Danish Royal House, as well as beautiful and ostentatious rooms, tapestries and other decorative treasures. Later, you can climb to the top of the Rundetarn, a 17th century round tower that offers beautiful panoramic views of the city. The afternoon can be concluded at the famous Tivoli, an amusement park of more than 170 years old that at sunset is quite a show when it is illuminated.

In Tivoli there are some restaurants for dinner, but they are quite expensive. To take better advantage of the visit, it is best to take picnic food tonight to walk more relaxed.


When leaving the hotel in the morning, we head for the Fuente de Gefión, one of the largest monuments in Copenhagen. This fountain is very close to the statue of the Little Mermaid, with which we must make the traditional photo. Following our walk, we visit the Church of Marble (Church of Federico), with its huge dome, one of the largest in Europe, and from whose top you get extraordinary panoramic views.

The next stop on our route can be the Amalienborg Palace, residence of the Danish royal family since 1794. If you have time, you can see the changing of the guard that takes place in this palace towards noon. As lunch time arrives we will go to the picturesque Nihavn area to eat in one of the cafes next to the canal. This is, without a doubt, one of the liveliest and most colorful corners of the Danish capital. People come here to walk, sunbathe or sit with a beer in their hands to watch everyone go by peacefully.

The afternoon of this second day should be devoted to see some of the museums that we propose below. You can visit the Nationalmuseet to learn about the history of Denmark (very interesting especially the Viking age); the Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek, ideal for lovers of the history of art and antiquities of Egypt, Greece and Rome; the Louisiana Museum of Modern Art, where the main protagonists are Picasso and Warhol; the Design Museum of Denmark , very close to the Amalienborg Palace; or the Opera House, which, while it is not a museum, you can probably visit inside.


We must make good use of the time of this third day. We started it very early visiting the Church of Our Savior, built in the seventeenth century and that has a tower of 95 meters high. You have to climb it to enjoy one of the best panoramic views of the city. You will take this last day the best photos of the Danish capital. Near this church is the famous district of Christianshavn, well known for practicing the free spirit in a very bohemian atmosphere. If you want you can look around for a place to have lunch.

The remaining hours can be used to rent a bicycle and walk through the Latin Quarter, located around the University of Copenhagen. The narrow streets and squares full of wooden houses, coffee shops, breweries and other shops will enchant you. By the way, around here you have the Carlsberg brewery. If you have time, you can visit it and get a good memory of your trip.

As you can see, there are many options to enjoy in Copenhagen. You can follow our recommendations to the letter, or take each and every one of the visits and make your own itinerary. Everything depends on where your hotel is located (near or far from some tourist attractions), if you need to take public transport or not, etc. Actually, think about the possibility of renting a bike to move with more tranquility. It is a perfect alternative, although you can move on foot through the historic center. What we do ask you to do is that you enjoy Copenhagen. The city will love you. You just need to book a direct flight to Copenhagen, and enjoy what this city beholds.

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