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What It Takes To Become A Good Recruiting Agency?



Recruiting can sometimes drive you crazy. Heaps of resume, slew of interviews, offers to candidates, background checks and the list is endless. A day in a life of a recruiter in a staffing services company is full of exciting opportunities and challenges.

To maintain some sanity it is extremely important for recruiting companies to invest in planning the hiring processes. A good recruiter is the one who has clarity in his mind about what he wants to achieve, what are his priorities and most importantly when does he want to work on them. Time management is a critical piece here.

Clients seek partnership with recruitment agencies that can run the show well despite of all the chaos. And here comes into play your strengths as a good recruiter to juggle the opportunities as well as the challenges well and produce desired results.

What is it that a client would look for in recruitment companies? Let us have a look at some of the traits that can make you a better recruiter and make your company stand out among other employment agencies.

Manage time effectively:

If you are more organised you are more likely to achieve your objectives. Recruitment companies should focus on creating well-structured processes that leave little scope for correcting errors. Templates are a good starting point. Create a master template of what needs to be done everyday and stick to it. This does not mean that staffing companies should do this at the cost of flexibility. Flexibility is important and unexpected challenges will pop up but if you stick to a schedule and a template of doing things you will have enough time on hand to handle unexpected situations.

Become a strategic partner:

Organisations are looking for partners who can add real value to not just their bottom line but also enable them to become better in their field. Staffing companies should work on creating credibility as a trusted advisor to the client. Your client should consider you an expert in the field because of your knowledge and abilities. This would require you to proactively provide inputs on what is trending in the job market, what are the challenges ahead, what are competitors up to and how can the company become future ready.

Provide data-driven inputs:

While you are on your journey to becoming a strategic partner, your data analytics capability will become extremely important. Churn important numbers for your clients and connect the dots for him. Statistical inputs and data driven decision making is a great combination to achieve desired results.

Stress on receiving daily inputs from your client’s team and keep the communication channel open. Track the daily recruitment activities and create reports. Give your customer a bird’s eye view. Do not get into lengthy reporting. He does not have the time to sift through each and every excel sheet cell. Charts, graphs and big highlights work very well for them.

Establish and follow deadlines:

Recruiting companies many a times get overwhelmed by so much work and the pressure to perform their best and end up missing their deadline. Missing a deadline is like missing your target. The task that is not completed on time is a waste of effort. You cannot cover it up with colourful reports, interesting data sheets, graphs or exciting market information. So make it a point to finish your project a little ahead of time.

This will give you time to take feedback, incorporate them and present the final result on time. Companies prefer agencies that do value add. If you are unable to finish a project on time, you have no time left to brainstorm and make it better. That way you are not able to value add and are just doing what is told to you.

So its time to buckle up and get going before it is too late.

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