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What is The Future of Artificial Intelligence?



Technology is moving at a fast pace. With the advent of mobiles, apps and wireless technology, you can complete any work without making a move. The topic of artificial intelligence was thought to be a fantasy, but in recent times, scientists are working to turn AI into reality. By making use of neural networks and processes of neurons in the brain, scientists are making breakthroughs in the process of machine learning.

In short, machines are allowed to process information on their own, for example, facial recognition. AI is still in its infancy stage, but a time will come when it will definitely impact your daily life. Shall we look at the ways, AI may impact us?

Self Driving Car


1. Automated Transportation

Self-driving cars are yet to become popular, since the majority of the public opine of having a human driver at the wheel. But the process has not stopped and in due course of time, they will become a reality.


2. Cyborg Technology

There is a proverb – Limitations exist only in the mind and brain. Many scientists are working on the process to augment human body with computers and develop natural abilities. The new parts may be added to the human body for a practical purpose. You can imagine the benefits if seen through the eyes of a handicapped individual. The brain can easily communicate with robotic limbs for giving the handicapped person more control. So, AI can reduce the limitations of a handicapped individual and make him/her more mobile.



3. Pass Off Hazardous / Dangerous Jobs

In Japan and US, robots have taken over jobs that can endanger human lives, for example, defusing of bombs. Technically, they are drones and require a human to control them. But they have saved human lives and in the future, you may expect more machines that can be used even in hazardous industries.



4. Climate Change

You have seen James Bond battling the evil business Moghul to save the world, and yes believed the story. But AI solving climate change is a fantasy. Right? But kindly read the next two sentences. The specially designed machines can analyze data perfectly and can prepare the statistical report. Of course, you can only hope that AI can give a solution to the biggest problem facing Mother Earth, climate change.



5. Robot As Friends

Have you heard of Pepper, the companion robot? It was designed with the ability to understand human emotions, change its response emotions accordingly and assist in making the human friends happy.



6. Care for the Elderly

Do you have a family elder in the home, bed-ridden? They have to depend on others for their daily activities. Home robots, in the future, may help seniors with their everyday tasks to make them stay independent.

You live in an era, where the digital assistants are used to schedule meetings, chatbots giving responses in customer care etc. Very soon, artificial intelligence will be combined with human expertise to give humankind the best gifts.




A question still persists in the mind of the person who does not understand technology properly. Will AI and automation take away jobs? The question is genuine. But a look at history and you are automatically reminded of many examples. When weaving machines were introduced, the weavers felt threatened. Now they have adapted to the technology.

But there is one factor which is difficult to understand – why is it that the attributes of technology are always associated with negatives? Why not relate it to the positive factors? For example, artificial intelligence can be combined with the best human minds to achieve, maybe the impossible. Recreate the ozone layer, a suitable problem for the pollution in third world countries, developing an arm for the handicapped person etc.

While it remains to be seen, if all the above-mentioned solutions are achievable, it is a fact that AI will definitely give rise to jobs that do not exist today and are in the process to be created.

At present, among the various businesses, it is the home improvement services companies that are making an impact. Let us wait and watch how these companies and other businesses adapt themselves as per the technological improvements of the future.