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What Is A Podcast? And How Do Podcasts Work?

Podcasting is easier than learning what is a podcast if you show interest. All you need to start a podcast is a bunch of audio equipment. Prefer finding a good-quality XLR microphone and connect it with a mixer for recording high-definition sound.




What is a podcast? What are the different types of podcasts? And how do podcasts work?

The digital era of Artificial Intelligence, Block Chain, Big Data, and the Internet of Things is still unknown to podcasts in some corners of the world. As per a report by Oberlo, about 70% of people in the United States of America know what is a podcast? However, 30% of people are still asking how do podcasts work?

Before digging deeper into the types of podcasts, look around its definition and find out how it actually works.

So, What Is A Podcast?

The term ‘podcast’ came popular with the combination of iPod and broadcast. It is basically an audio broadcast on the internet. You can think of it as an audio recording of almost every type of information on the web.

It is downloadable as a file and works properly with your phone and laptop. You can listen to it whenever you like. Podcasting is an easy job and a massive number of people stick to it for sharing information. More than 51% of residents in the USA above the age of twelve are podcast listeners.

Dissimilar to video blogs and written content, it is an audio format that does not depend on visuals. You can listen to a podcast while doing any other task like driving, writing, commuting, exercising, and more.

Additionally, podcasts can be divided into episodes, series, and installments. Currently, there are around 850 thousand active podcasts with a total of 30 million episodes.

Now, How Do Podcasts Work?

Soon after learning what is a podcast, your interest will shift to its working. Podcasting is not difficult in the current era. It is independent of any set of rules and requirements. Creating it does not limit you to length, format, type, style, or any other category.

You can start a podcast whenever you want. It will help you build a community without much effort. Generally, podcasts break into seasons by means of episodes. A podcaster can gather like-minded peers and build a community for sharing thoughts.

Interestingly, the answer to how do podcasts work does not involve radio channels for broadcasting or recording. All you need to rely upon is the Apple iTunes for submitting your audio recording. It is easy to find online coupon codes for availing podcast recording services.

The most important information to what is a podcast guide relies on its types. Hence, learn about all the different types of podcasts and decide if you wish to start one or not.

The Different Types of Podcasts

There are plenty of podcasts on the web. While people ask ‘what is a podcast,’ you can explain to them about the popular ones as per today.

Interview Podcast

Among all the types of podcasts, it is the most common one. An interview podcast is easy to start as it relies on just two people. It is an episodic audio recording that includes an interview session with different guests in every episode.

Therefore, if you comprise of soft skills like questioning and convincing individuals, you can carry on with your audio broadcast. All you need is a long list of engaging questions and a new interviewer daily.

Solo Podcast

What is a podcast when you do not have a single person involved? Solo podcasting requires confidence because you are the only one running your show. It is also known as a monologue.

It is the easiest in all types of podcasts because you just rely on your own voice and an interesting set of information that you can share. This category of audio recordings can include answers to questions, general topics details, information, and the latest news.

Conversational Podcasts

You can also know this type as a multi-host podcast because it involves more than two people in the recording. It often sounds like a chat between two friends or discussions on an interesting topic between groups of people.

It is easy to find conversational podcasts on trending topics among all the types of podcasts. Sometimes, you can also continue with a discussion for several episodes. It is totally dependent on your creativity of the topic and the talk.

Educational Podcasts

If you are learning what is a podcast; your interest in educational ones must grow. A teaching podcast seems like a conversational podcast in an appropriate structure. According to Statista, 74% of people listen to podcasts for learning about new things.

It is easy to receive information while multitasking. You can learn about any course or information while walking, running, driving, and more. Most of the audience of educational podcasts keeps returning if you succeed in creating an informative one.

Storytelling Podcasts

The most interesting type of podcast is the storytelling audio broadcast. It has further two types that attract people quickly. Either you can switch to fictional stories or you can try non-fictional ones. Both of the podcasting types involve creativity and an attractive delivery style.

Sometimes, you require music and extra sound effects while recording a fiction storyteller podcast. However, in the case of non-fictional stories, you may require a team of editors and producers.

How to Choose Your Podcast Type?

By reaching here, you are aware of what is a podcast. Now, wondering about the best types of podcasts you can try is common. But, essentially, you must always start an audio broadcast that suits your personality and voice.

Individuals have their ways of communicating with the public. You will only be able to create the best broadcast-type if you are talking about your favorite niche. Editing and recording get easier if you are enjoying the chat with listeners therefore, select the type you like to listen to.

What Is Important For Starting A Podcast?

Podcasting is easier than learning what is a podcast if you show interest. All you need to start a podcast is a bunch of audio equipment. Prefer finding a good-quality XLR microphone and connect it with a mixer for recording high-definition sound.

If you can get in terms of these items, you can start recording now!