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What does a graphic designer do?



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In a world where Instagram, a photo sharing platform is all the rage, it is no surprise that design plays a huge role. The popularity of this platform means that visual content is more sought after, now more than ever.   It is for this reason that graphic design is necessary for companies, as a mode of establishing digital and visual relevancy. But then, the question arises- what does a graphic designer do?

A graphic designer isn’t just someone who has a good eye for color or form. Instead, they are professionally trained individuals in the field of visual design and communication. In a nutshell, they strategize, ideate and create designs that best suit the project at hand. 

What does a day in the life of a graphic designer, look like?

On a daily basis, these professionals are engulfed in innumerable tasks that demand their creative input. Their work involves conveying vital information through images on posters, web images, logos, banners etc.. This also gives their career a sense of diversity where their working environment is not limited to any particular industry. For instance, they could work for magazines, corporates, software companies and more.

A graphic designer’s work thus depends on the industry that they work for. Each company might have its own specific need and hence, it wouldn’t be wise to compare the working schedule of one designer to the other.

To breakdown this process further, they will have to:

  • Conceptualize the client’s vision for designs
  • Setting up specific design strategies for the target audience
  • Preparing design muck-ups and layouts according to client briefs
  • Create printable designs for print and publication, if and when necessary
  • Ideate various design options for a particular project

What skills will they have to possess?

Graphic designers are trained in several things that aid them in making breathtaking designs. More importantly, they need to be excellent visual communicators.

First and foremost, they must be flexible. Clients are often specific and sometimes indecisive with their vision. If the design doesn’t align with what they want, they might ask for multiple alterations. Hence, it is for this reason that a graphic designer must possess the ability to be flexible during trying times.

Apart from this, they will also require to be proficient in the obvious – Adobe Creative Suite, color theory, design layouts, design trends and so on. Depending on their job role i.e web or graphic designing, their skill set will differ and grow longer in a long list of necessities.

What is the need for a qualified graphic designer?

The term “qualified” doesn’t have to mean experience. It can also be an identification of the designer’s creative ability compared to his/her counterparts.

A graphic designer’s education, experience, technical acumen and visual communication ability determines the quality of the design produced. Since well-designed pieces are the priority, so are professionally groomed designers.

This demands to question the need for good designs. The answers are:

  • They help boost sales exponentially
  • Can help establish better branding strategy
  • More the attractiveness more is the designs ability to attract potential clients
  • Acts a good method of highlighting a firm’s product/services and their USP

In addition to designing, graphic designers work tirelessly to put up a good show on behalf of the companies they work for. Hence, for those firms that can’t afford to hire them, they can instead employ virtual graphic designers who will get the job done cost-effectively.