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What are the Ways to Identify High-Quality CBD Oil



Ways to Identify High-Quality CBD Oil

CBD oil can be a wonderful add-on to an established routine and it can work as a catalyst that gets your body moving towards enhancing numerous health conditions. The increase in demand for CBD infused products has eventually created a great opportunity for the CBD industry to grow. With multiple emerging industries, there are higher possibilities of scamming the consumers by supplying low-quality products or adulterating the products and selling them at a cheaper cost.

However, to avoid getting victimized, it is necessary to determine the brand and its product and only choose those that show an excellent result. This blog will help you with excellent tips for identifying the quality of CBD oil whether it is reliable or not.

Tip 1 – Identify the quality of CBD oil

The purest form of CBD (Cannabidiol) oil is safely extracted from the cannabis plant. Even though it can be found in marijuana, CBD oil used for the medical purpose is usually extracted from industrial hemp plants that are grown organically to maintain its quality. This industrially grown cannabis contains less than 0.3% THC compound. When consumed in a higher amount, it can cause a high. CBD without THC has a lot to offer when it comes to health without making you feel stoned. When used wisely, it has the ability to boost health even under chronic conditions.

The efficacy of the product solely depends on the quality of the product. Low-grade CBD oil may contain harmful toxins that may fail to offer similar benefits when compared with the top quality CBD oil.

  • To learn more about the product or brand, look for the manufacturing source of the product.

  • The CBD industry does not adopt any specific way of manufacturing the product or extracting CBD. There are various brands having different ways of extracting CBD.

  • The companies selling products at a cheaper cost may use a cheap method of extraction that might not be enough to eliminate all the harmful or toxic solvents.

While you are making any purchase for CBD oil, keep an eye on the method of extraction. You can speak to the customer service representative or research on their website to know more about the extraction method. It is always safe to go for those products that are processed through the CO2 extraction or Ethanol extraction.

 Tip 2 – Identify how the hemp is grown

While digging into the information on the manufacturing process, you must also fetch the details on how the hemp was grown. This is to ensure the quality, as your health is not an option to be compromised. You need to see that hemp is planted organically in the rich soil. There are hand-full of manufacturers who would purchase low-quality hemp at a lower price that could be adulterated with some heavy metals.

You must try to look for specifically US grown hemp as the farmers get appropriate certification by the State.

Tip 3 – Look for THC level in the oil                   

Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) is the content responsible for offering a psychoactive effect on the user. However, CBD can be found in both hemp and marijuana. The only difference is, marijuana has a high amount of THC level and hemp has a low amount of THC level. And this is why CBD is extracted from hemp and not marijuana.

The ideal level of THC content in any CBD product should not exceed more than 0.3%. Therefore, read the label for its THC amount before buying the product.

Tip 4 – Always go for ‘Full Spectrum’ or ‘Whole-Plant’

Whole plant and full spectrum are often used interchangeably in the CBD industry. If you are talking about a high-quality CBD oil, always remember that it is manufactured using the whole plant/Full Spectrum. The CBD products that consist of Full Spectrum or Whole-Plant extract are power-packed with cannabinoids, flavonoids and terpenes to boost the result.

Here’s how you can find a high-quality CBD product online.

  1. Buy from an authentic website

To find out if the website selling the CBD product is authentic, you need to invest some time in doing the research before you decide to purchase. Learn about its properties, benefits, usage, ingredients, and instructions properly. Don’t hesitate to ask questions via chat option or directly contacting them about CBD products.

  1. Determine the quality

It is necessary to buy non-psychoactive CBD oil if you don’t want to get stoned after consuming the blend of CBD and THC. A high quality and the purest form of CBD oil do not contain THC. It may contain less than 0.3% THC content which is not enough to make you feel high after ingestion.

  1. Read more reviews

About 710% of the customers have claimed to read reviews and view ratings before making any kind of purchase online. At the same time, about 71% of consumers have also agreed that it helped them pick the right product. Therefore, it becomes necessary to read reviews and opinions of the other users before you buy the same product.

  1. CBD Dosage

Users who have just started ingested CBD should begin with a smaller dose of 1-2 mg daily while increasing the dose to 3mg if required. CBD has shown superior results when it is used on a daily basis. You should never overdose on CBD as it may lead to certain side effects. In the initial days, you must keep a track on the dosage and accordingly determine the dosage that best suits your body.

The Conclusion

Always look for the content on the label to learn more about its manufacturing process or visit their website to gain more clarity on the products.

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