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What Are The Various Types Of Carpentry Services You Can Get



Carpentry services

Carpentry or woodworking needs a lot of concentration and excellent skills for projects to be successfully completed. The people engaged in this profession are efficient and hardworking. People now days are more into handcrafted items and furniture. So before you plan to hire a professional carpentry contractor to decorate your house, it is important that you have a proper idea about the different types of carpentry services that you can get. There are different services included in carpentry. They are discussed below:

Cabinetry services

This is an important service which involves the construction of drawers, cupboards and shelves with doors and windows. The carpenters use various tools for making cabinets, such as high-speed hinge placements, a clamp for flat face frames and flush, 3-way face clamp, scriber compass, drilling jig and toothy blade. They know how to make beautiful as well as fully functional cabinets out of high-quality timber. Cabinets offer you adequate space to store things.

Trim / Prune Carpentry

It involves bending wood into proper shape with clips and trims. A trim carpenter is capable of providing doors, windows, fireplace veils, crown moulding and baseboards with some type of flair. Such kind of carpentry involves a carpenter who has steady eyes, is detailed and works with the right kind of tools. The tools are-

  • Trim ladder
  • Odd-angle calculator
  • Pry bar
  • Air-hose
  • Small compressors
  • Finish nailer and
  • Brad nailer

Trim carpentry helps you with making your home spaces look more polished and elegant. Carpenters skilled in this kind of carpentry services can add features like wainscoting, chair rails or crown mouldings to add more character to your house and improve its appearance. Trim carpentry adds an attractive look to your house.

Finish Carpentry

Finish carpentry is another service provided by carpentry. It adds a touch of perfection to your building interiors. Only the finest carpenters having the finesse and ability for detailing can be entrusted with this task. These professionals use important tools like a hammer drill, pliers, wrenches, quick clamps, bars, c-clamps, jigsaws, digital protractor, table saw, 12- inch mitre saw and different types of routers for such projects.

Residential Carpentry

Basically, it means all types of carpentry works at homes or residential establishments – including overall construction of a specific property or home, kitchen remodelling or home remodelling. These carpentry projects are much smaller as compared to commercial projects. Contractors offering this carpentry service have to work mainly on the planning, designing, architecture and project completion. They are also required to work with plumbers, electricians etc., which is a similar requirement with commercial contractors.

Commercial carpentry

Commercial carpentry is concerned or related to projects on shopping centres, office buildings, hospitals, roads, schools and other commercial establishments. The commercial carpentry contractor is responsible for the entire project from scheduling and planning to management and execution of the whole project. These professionals involved in commercial carpentry have to be highly skilled and experienced in handling these projects. As commercial projects are raised for the benefit of the public, these have to be completed exactly on time. Such projects are also bigger in scope and size. Although the same staffs are needed for both residential and commercial projects, the work that they have to handle is more challenging.

Woodworking repairs

In home exteriors, damaged wood is most commonly found – as it is exposed more to the weather. Woodworking repair contractors handle trim repair, wood siding repair and rotten wood repair with non-rotting materials. They are experienced in repairs for all kinds of rotten wood and can set up new weatherproof and flashing materials to prevent rotting and keep homes protected over the long term. The carpenters can repair all types of the woodwork in the interior area, including frames, jams, doors and wood trim.

In lots of cases, subfloors get damaged due to some type of water leakage. Unless the subfloor gets dried properly, it can get severely damaged and can also result in health problems due to mould issues. Carpentry services providers take care of this and offer repair or even replacement as required.