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Well-Known Haunted Train Stations in India



It is natural to think that train stations are the most boring place to be. With hardly anything to do other than impatientlywaiting for your train, they do not have much to offer. How can you expect something interesting to occur in a place where everything so dreary and dull?

To your surprise, we are going to share some of the details about train stations that are known to be haunted in India. Though it is better to stay away from them, it can be outrageously adventurous for some people.

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In this blog, we are going to mention some of the haunted train stations in India with a brief background.

Begunkodor Train Station (West Bengal)

This railway station is situated in a very remote village of West Bengal. The station is known to be haunted by a ghost of a lady dressed in white sari. People believe that a train run over her body which was the cause of her death. Since then, her spirit has been found wandering along the railway tracks and dancing on the platforms. It is also said that a death of a railway employee was caused due to one of her sightings. Later, the government of West Bengal rubbished these claims which led to the station’s reopening after 42 years in the year 2009.

RabindraSarobar Metro Station (Kolkata, West Bengal)

This metro station is also referred as the “paradise of suicide” by many people. It is one of the prime metro stations, but is quite famous for the number of suicides taken place on its tracks. Many late-night commuters mention seeing shadows that keep appearing and disappearing constantly anywhere around the station. Many also report hearing sad screamsas well.

Barog Station (Shimla)

The Barog tunnel/tunnel 103/tunnel no 33 is known to be the longest tunnel falling on the Kalka-Shimla Railway route. Crossing the tunnel takes about 2.5 minutes approximately. Colonel Barog was a British railway engineer who was originally given the task of constructing this tunnel. But he was reprimanded and fined by the government in front of his employers due to a miscalculation made by him. Feeling depressed and humiliated, he shot himself while he was taking a walk. Though his body was buried outside the tunnel which was incomplete back then, many say that his spirit still wanders in the tunnel. Many people believe that his spirit still resides there.

Naini Railway Station (Uttar Pradesh)

Though people did not mention seeing shadows or figures, many feel a ghostly presence in the railway station. People believe that the presence is of the unfortunate souls who lost lives in the Naini Jail during the freedom struggle, not very far away from the railway station.

There is no way to confirm these haunting experiences, but it is definitely interesting to read about such spooky incidents.