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We Bet You Didn’t Know These Facts About Charminar



Apart from being famous for its delicious Hyderabadi biriyani, Hyderabad is also well known for Charminar. Being a popular landmark of the city, Charminar was erected in 1591 by QuliQutb Shah after he shifted the capital from Golconda to Hyderabad. The building of Charminar is a perfect square shapedconsisting of tall minarets at each corner. The monument looks the most beautiful at night when it shines to its glory with colourful lights.

Thesquare-shaped monument has a measurement of 20 meters on each side along with the four minarets which stand 48.7 meters above the ground. Each minaret is 4 storied,and its floors are divided by a stylishly carved ring around it. Another famous monument of Hyderabad, Mecca Masjid, also visible from Charminar. Furthermore, Charminar is situated right in the heart of the city amidst a busy market, making the monument a significant attraction for the tourists.Tourists absolutely love visiting Charminar, and that’s the reason why you need to start looking for Jaipur to Hyderabad flight and visit the most celebrated monuments in the country.

Here are somehighly interesting and unknown facts about Charminar:

  1. It has been believed thatCharminar is the result of a secret promise made by Md. QuliQutb to honour
  2. The only reason why the monument acquired fame isthat of the four minarets which symbolise and honour Islam’s 1st four Khalifas.
  3. There exists an underground tunnel that connects the Charminar to Golconda Fort, which earlier used to be the former capital of QuliQutb Shah. This underground tunnelused to act as an escape route for the royal family in case of an emergency. The location and the routeof this secret tunnel are still unknown.
  4. The Charminar is considered to be the centre of the city. Seemingly,the city was planned on a gridiron pattern, around the Charminar, with the two main streets intersecting and running east-west and north-south.
  5. All the minarets have four stories whichare marked by a carved ring which can be seen from the Toreach the top floor, one has to climb 149 flights of steps.
  6. A cat’s head is designed in the apex of one of the small arches on the eastern side of Charminar. This is because cats scare away rats, and rats almost destroyed Hyderabad once.
  7. The Charminar also symbolisesmultiple faiths coexisting at one place. The harmonious atmospheres of both theMakkah Masjid andBhagyalakshmi temple bring into the picture the religious and cultural unity of the city.
  8. Each side of the Minar has a giant arch, which has a width of 11 m wide and a length of 20 m.Apart from that, each arch also consists of a clock, which was installed back in 1889.The Charminar is built with lime mortar and granite in Cazia style of architecture.Along with a stone balcony, Charminar also has a terrace above the two galleries which acts as a roof. The intricate mouldingsand carvings on the monument make Charminar a famous monument.
  9. The main gallery of the monument has 45 covered prayer spaces. Also, there is an ample open space in the front to accommodate more followers for prayers on Fridays.
  10. An original mixture is prepared for the process of restoration of Charminar.This paste mixture is made up of jaggery, lime, harra juice, seeds and fenugreek leaves and then is applied to the monument.

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