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Want Your Business Video to Stand Out? Use A Drone!



Drones are also known as Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) as they are a type of aircraft that can be flown without the presence of a human pilot on-board. They are a component of Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS). This system includes a controller that is ground-based, the UAV and a communication system between the two. The drones may be controlled by a human operator on the ground or autonomously by on-board computers. Just like normal aircrafts, the drones were also built to be used by the army too, for the protection of the nation against outside forces.

However, their application is not confined to military uses anymore. Due to their versatility, they are being widely commercially used in various fields. There are the various type of special drones like DJI Inspire, DJI matrice, DJI Mavic Pro and DJI Osmo. Rise Above is one of the largest drones and DJI distributors in Australia. They strive to provide high quality product and high level customer service all over Australia. For decades, these unmanned aircrafts have been doing wonders and making innovators think how to incorporate them in various fields!

Ways in which a drone can improve your business video:

As drones can be flown over areas to see what the situation is, they were an important device in the military. Now, this quality of capturing images and videos from above is being recognized by various other industries. Drones are being extensively used in agriculture, insurance, construction and film industries. You will come across many companies that are distributors of drones and offer drones for sale in Australia.  Here are the various ways in which drones can enhance your business video:

  • Group shot: Getting a large crowd in a single picture can be a challenging task, normally. However, a drone can easily do this. It is a practical way to include a large crowd in a single picture. For getting a memorable picture, gather all your employees for a quick group shot! You can just imagine drone as a tripod in the sky. If you are feeling more adventurous then you can also capture a video clip by making it fly around the group! Not only will it offer a beautiful bird’s eye perspective to the picture, but you also don’t have to rack your brains to make people stand strategically, according to their height. So, taking pictures by drones will also reduce a lot of planning. People can just stand randomly and still everyone will be visible.
  • The reveal: Make your business video all the more interesting by incorporation this revealing strategy. This awesome shot can only be taken with the help of a drone that will make it all the more dynamic. It can be done in two ways. First, start by a close up shot of a subject and then fly the drone away for a zoom out. This in turn will reveal the entire surrounding, or your entire office. The other way is just the reverse of it. There, start by the whole shot of the office, which will look wonderful from the bird’s eye perspective, then zoom in into the subject of interest. This will add element of surprise to the video.
  • Neighbourhood view: If there is space for taking a flight around your office, you can easily shoot a breath-taking footage of your office’s surroundings. Not only will this make the video more interesting, but will also give a brief idea to the viewers about your business’s location in the town. These types of shots easily grab attention on social media platforms and can prove to be very helpful for your company’s advertisement.

Ditch those boring ground shots and add more elements of surprise to your business video by including aerial shots captured by drones! How well your business is doing depends mostly on how much attention it is being able to grab. Make the video in such a way so that all the eyes are on it!