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Want to Rent Out your Apartment? Issue an Electrical Safety Certificate First!



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Electrical safety is extremely important. A lot of accidents have occurred in the past and even till today because people often handle these situations way too casually. Electricity is a boon in our life, and there is no doubt about it. But if not monitored from time to time, it can become dangerous. The wiring system and the electrical appliances might wear out after a certain time causing them to leak electricity via some faulty joints or loose wire. If humans come in direct contact with electricity, it can prove to be fatal.

This is why it is extremely crucial to hire a professional electrician and get everything checked in order to avoid such mishaps. Apart from this, if you are thinking about renting out your house, it is important for you to get your house checked for electrical faults by eminent electrical companies . Oakley Electrical Contractors Ltd in Newport, South Wales, is well established and modern electrical contractors. Whatever your electrical emergency might be, they will make sure to provide you with the best service as quickly as possible.

Reasons why landlords need an electrical safety certificate

When you rent out your apartment, the tenant has many duties to fulfil to be worthy enough of residing there. However, you as a landlord also have some duties of your own, and non-fulfilment of those duties can affect you legally. One such responsibility is issuing a landlord electrical safety certificate. Forgetting this certificate, you have to hire a certified electrician who will check your entire house to make sure there is no electrical danger. Once he has made all the repairs and is absolutely sure, he can hand you the certificate. The reasons why you need it are:

  • Safety standards: The main reason why the certificate is important is that it helps in finding out whether each and every electrical installation in the apartment comply with the safety standard as put forward by the Government. Every property, irrespective of whether it is new or old, should be inspected closely to make sure that altered, added and even the new electrical installations are constructed and designed in the correct manner, as per the laws. The certificate declares that all the electrical installations have been inspected and is safe for using.
  • Legal obligation: Accidents can happen any time. Sudden fire outbreaks in apartments are something that we see happening all the time. In case of such an outbreak, the law will demand such certificates from you to ensure that your folly was not the reason behind such a fire. If you fail to present an electrical report or his electrical safety certificate, then you might be charged with criminal and legal offences, as you may have put someone’s life in danger. This might even result in imprisonment — and if not so, hefty fine is a sure thing. Even your tenants can sue you if they find out that there are no such certificates for the rented flat.
  • Protection: The major goal of electrical safety certificate is to find out the potential faults and problems in electrical wirings through inspection. In this way, you can rectify the issues before you start installing new appliances and rent out the apartment to the tenants. This can help in saving huge amount of money that you might have to otherwise pay in case of electrical accidents and fire outbreak. So, it helps in protecting all the valuable investments you make in the apartment from getting damaged.

These are the few reasons why electrical safety certificate is crucial for landlords. It not only ensures safety of the tenants, but also makes sure to keep away legal charges and fines.