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Want to Get the Most Out of Your Car? Here are Top Tips to Keep it Fresh



The car is an asset that can pay off well if kept in best condition. If we do not care about its condition, it can depreciate substantially, losing a good chunk of value. Maintaining your vehicle becomes more important during the harsh summer climate of UAE.

While we prepare a lot for this weather changing everything around us including clothes and preparing home, it is important not to forget your car. Experts at have valuable suggestions for us to keep our ride fresh looking for a better deal. Here are some of the smart tips shared by them:

Refresh the car interior

A car is at its best when its interior and exterior are cleaned and maintained. A sparkling car makes a big difference when you are out to sell it. But what if it smells bad? The maintenance should start from inside and anything you do to keep it clean must leave the car smelling as good as it looks. There are many ways you can keep the feel fresh inside a car. You can use innovative discrete vent sticks, mini diffusers, car fresheners that are available in a wide variety of scents and are Innovative and discrete vent sticks and mini diffusers from car fresheners that come in a wide variety of scents and inexpensive. They last long to keep your car smelling great.

Keep the interior clean

Most of the cars come with leather interior and that is the most used part of the car. Constant use wears it out and sun can also damage it. The dying out interior fades and cracks from the seats. You need to take care of this most used part of the interior. A good way would be to address this issue with leather cleaner and conditioner. These two things will not only clean the leather but also restore and protect it from further damage. The interior will give a new look feel.

Check your battery

Another important thing to do. Most of the car owners do not even bother to check the battery before their car embarrasses them in the middle of the travel. Always check the health of the battery periodically. Start by making sure it is mounted correctly. Check if both the terminals are corrosion free. It is advised to change the battery of it is five years old. That will ensure your car starts and drives smooth.

Mind the basics

Before you leave for a long adventure, make sure that you have your car tuned up and maintained. Keeping the car up-to-date and changing its oil is compulsory for the long life of the engine. When you take the car for tuning, ask the technician to check other fluids like brake oil, transmission, windshield wiper, and power steering fluids. Keeping a check of these basics will ensure a smooth.

Wash and wax

In extreme climate areas like UAE and Dubai, a car is constantly battling the corrosive elements that can damage the interior. Wash your car regularly to protect it from rusting. Aside from washing the car regularly, waxing the car twice a year can protect its paint and keep it looking at its best. Doing so will protect it from UV effect from sunlight, road debris, and rusting. Do not forget to wash and maintain tyres and wheels during the wash. Clean the brake dust and grease. This will leave your car tyres looking spotless and healthy.