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Using your SBI credit card to avail cashback offers on Amazon



SBI credit card for amazon shopping

Today, almost every online retailer is exploring every possible way to attract as many new as well as existing customers as possible. Consequently, multiple special sales are being launched under which there are many attractive deals and discounts on products from diverse categories.

One of the significant steps taken by the online retailing giant Amazon for customer acquisition is the strategic partnership with major credit card issuers.

A prominent example of this is the offer on SBI credit cards and debit cards through which customers can avail special offers like cashback and instant discounts on their purchases.

Using SBI Bank credit cards, Amazon customers can get tempting deals on their shopping. Even though the offers are largely available throughout the year, special sales on Amazon are propelled by special offers on SBI Bank credit cards.

Let’s discuss some of the points and tricks which you should remember while shopping online during sales and festival offers and the best ways to use your credit card to avail cashback on Amazon

Products which qualify for the cashback offers

The cashback offers are usually applicable to popular categories like electronics, consumer durables, and other big-ticket purchases. A few of the top products under these categories are mobiles, watches, computers, fashion and beauty, home and kitchen items, books, etc.

Among the products that don’t qualify for the cashback offer are gold jewellery and gift cards.

Offer range

Although the offer amount depends on the nature and type of sale, it usually varies from 5% to 20%. However, there’s a maximum value that can be availed and it’s specified by Amazon during the sale.

This amount can’t be exceeded irrespective of the number of purchases on any single card account. Also, most of these are usually limited period offers although some of them are live throughout the year.

The offer percentage also varies depending upon the platform used to make the purchase. The cashback offered on the mobile app version of Amazon is usually higher than what is offered on the Amazon website.

Minimum purchase value

Amazon usually specifies a minimum transaction value for the customers to be eligible for availing the offer. This amount varies from time to time and is categorically mentioned by the online retailer on its website and mobile app.

Availing the offer

There’s usually no promo code that needs to be applied at the time of checking out to avail the cashback offer. This implies that the offer is auto-applied when customers meet the minimum transaction amount and use their SBI card to make the payment.

This would be the same for both the mobile app and the Amazon website users. The cashback offer would be added to the cardholder’s account within a specified time (usually within 48 hours) of completion of the purchase.

Or Amazon may set a date when the cashback amount would be credited to the card accounts of the customers. Any other applicable offers or discounts can also be availed in addition to the cashback offer.

Availability of the offer on EMI

To enhance the experience and convenience of making big-ticket purchases, Amazon also enables the customers who make their purchase on EMI to avail the cashback offers. It’s available on no-cost EMI purchases as well.

Card payment on delivery

Usually, the SBI cashback offer can’t be availed on card payment on delivery. This implies that customers who opt for Cash-on-Delivery (COD) when ordering the product and then choose to pay the amount with their SBI card on receipt on the product, cannot avail the cashback offer.

However, there are exceptions as for some SBI cashback offers, Amazon does allow customers to avail the offer when they opt for card payment on delivery. But this facility is subject to availability of a card accepting machine when the item is delivered, and this can’t be guaranteed by Amazon or SBI.

Also, the cashback offers can’t be availed on net banking transactions.

Cancellation of orders

Cancelled orders are not eligible for the SBI card cashback offers and the amount of the cancelled orders would be adjusted from the amount of transaction for the purpose of the cashback offer.

In the event of partial refund or cancellation of an order, the customer would qualify for the cashback offer only if the net payable amount for the transaction is equal to or greater than the minimum amount that qualifies for the offer as specified by Amazon.

Also, if the customers return their order, they would not qualify for the cashback. If a part of the order is returned, cashback will be given on the net amount they pay for the transaction. Also, this amount should meet the minimum amount of eligibility as specified by Amazon.

Making one part of the payment using SBI card and the other using Amazon Pay balance

In such cases, customers would get cashback only on the amount spent on their SBI card. Also, it’s important to bear in mind that the SBI card must be charged for at least the minimum amount that qualifies for the offer as specified by Amazon.

If the amount spent on the card is less this minimum amount, the customer would get no cashback.

If the payment fails while placing the order

If the payment fails while placing an order, customers get an option to revive the payment for that order. If the customers revise the payment within the duration of the offer, they would be eligible for the cashback.

Bottom line

The cashback offered by Amazon is a primary attraction for the SBI credit and debit cardholders as they can get fascinating deals and discounts in addition to the existing offer. Interested individuals can check the Amazon app or the website to get notifications about such offers.

The offer details and its terms and conditions would also be mentioned here. Amazon may also inform about the offer on its official social media accounts. By availing these offers, customers can make good use of their SBI credit and debit cards.