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Use of Robots in Medical Science Today and the Future



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All of us are aware of the fact that robots are changing the way world used to be. There was a time when robots were a fiction but now the use of Artificial Intelligence has turned this fiction into reality. You can see robots sharing the burden of humankind in different fields of life.

Healthcare is a major field that plays a crucial role in keeping the humans healthy to live a good life and fulfil all of the assigned duties. This field is no exception to the entry of the robots. They have overtaken some tasks in hospitals as well. Here are a few ways robots are used in the medical science today.

Use of Robots in Medical Science Presently

CARLO- Cold Ablation Robot-guided Laser Osteotome

Robots have started to replace humans in the operation theatre. CARLO is the first step towards it. It is an advanced robot in its final development phases in Switzerland. Another robot helps CARLO at the backend to help it cut through the bone with the help of laser during an operation.

It reduces the chance of wrong angle cutting of bone, thermal damage, soft tissue harm and promotes a fast healing process. It would be introduced in the market within a few coming months.

Dr. Robot

In the majority of the hospitals, nurses are seen to help doctors to carry some tasks. They are the ones who take care of the patient when he or she arrives, take vitals and perform some necessary steps in the case of emergency. Dr Robot is here to change the way hospitals work.

Dr Robot is a special and intelligent robot assists doctors to perform initial screening of the patient and helps in designing the future treatment plan. It is currently used in LVMC where doctors are giving a positive feedback for its services. It is hoped that the same technology will be deployed in other hospitals in near future.


ARTAS is another robot in the list of robots performing outclass in the field of medical sciences. Majority of hair transplant hospitals and clinics use it. It is used to treat male baldness in specific. This robot performs the process of FUE effectively on its own.

Its implementation in the market showed the reduction of risks of repetitive motion disorder along with some other diseases and complications. Majority of the surgeons love to use it to treat androgenetic alopecia.

Pepper Robots

When it comes to the topic of hospitals, the receptionist the first person you get to talk to. The dawn of robots includes the Pepper Robots that make a perfect receptionist for any kind of hospitals. It is able to understand 20 human languages and can keep track of the whole hospital map to guide patients.

These human-friendly robots are smart enough to learn by the voice whether it is talking to a man or a woman. The robots would soon be sitting on the reception of two Belgian hospitals to greet and assist the patients coming in.

The Future of the Robots in Medical Science

Scientists are developing some more advanced robots to help humans in coming years. Here are some robots you can expect to see soon.


The technology of the nanorobots is under development and would be available in the market soon. These microscopic robots would be used to treat different human diseases by penetrating the body. The efficiency of the robots can be known by the fact that they would be smaller than blood to get through the blood-brain barrier to even treat certain brain diseases as well.

Nursing Robots

The patient needs care and assistance at home too. Some robots designed by AnybotsInc are experts in taking care of the patients at home by observing their condition and deciding if the patient should get an appointment with the doctor.

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