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Understanding the Importance and Goals of SEO



Since the updates in the Google Penguin and Panda, a lot of SEO’s have finally realized that ranking a website in a long run is not all about building a large number of links rather it’s all about creating high-quality contents that will pull more links automatically. However, one type of content is still left to be fully utilized in the world of SEO and that is online video. Although many of the SEO agencies are incorporating video contents in their marketing strategy, there are also few of them who don’t give much importance to it. Rather they opt for creative contents like info graphics, images, written contents etc.

If used tactfully, video marketing can prove to be an extremely powerful form of content which will make a significant contribution to overall SEO strategy in many ways.

Avoiding a common Trap and defining the goals

Though the ideas of creating videos might seem interesting, it is important to note that it matches your overall strategy and generates a return on investment. If you fail to define your goals right at the initial stage, then not only the video will end up costing you a hefty amount, but also the money would be drained out better spending elsewhere. Failing to define the objectives is a common mistake in SEO especially, in case of contents such as info graphics.

Many SEO just commission the creation of an expensive cool looking info graphics without thinking deeply about the overall impact to reach the goal. They get lost with the idea that info graphics is a wonderful tool to build links but they never give a thought that whether this info graphic will increase the conversion rate and improve to high-quality traffic. The same concept is followed in the case of the video contents. It is very important to understand the impacts before conceptualizing the video to enthralling the intended audiences and leading to the desired goals.  So, what should be the goals of SEO – Building links or to generate social share or to increase the conversions. Let’s discuss the points to understand the goals better.

Build links or generate social share

If a video is created thoughtfully it can generate a huge number of links for a website and often from reputable domains. We are not just talking about few links; rather we are talking about few hundreds and thousands of high-quality links.

The problem lies here; actually, there are so many videos on the market that unless you create an exceptional video or have a great outreach, the success of it will be limited.

Audiences nowadays just don’t share the video blindly, so decide whom you want to share the video with and whom you want to link to it. Your video has to offer something useful to the viewers. It should have the power to educate them, laugh them, amaze them, shock them or annoy them. In fact, the video should have a strong emotional impact that the viewers are compelled to share, like or tweet by writing about it in their posts with a link back to your site.

Increase conversion

Along with ranking the websites, the job of the SEO’s is to increase the online sales or revenue for their clients. Yes, perhaps it is a two side process i.e. to attract more visitors to a website and then, optimizing the site to tempt the customer to pay the clients by availing the products and services.

Video contents work fantastically to increase the conversions of any websites. This is the reason why maximum video marketing agencies uses this in their landing pages and on other websites too for keeping the visitors engaged and finally encourage them to make the purchases. Hence, they follow two major ways by using embedded videos on the landing page and by using the rich snippet. Therefore, the popularity of online videos offers a huge opportunity for SEOs desiring to get creative to achieve results.


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