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Underfloor Heating – Interesting Guide To Warming Up Your Home



Nothing gets ever satisfying than curling up in the comfort of your home with warm underfloor to soothe you. Underfloor heating or UFH is an essential tool to warm up your home especially during the winter season. It is a convenient instrument that lets you save up energy with the promise of efficiency, adds value to your nook, and does not clutter it.

For more interesting information and guide about underfloor heating that can suit your home requirements, here some of the things you should know:

Underfloor Heating is Great to Have in Your Home

Underfloor heating systems are cost-efficient and depict value for your home because it is a good investment. Unlike radiators or any traditional heaters that are using a gas pipe, you do not need to worry about uneven heat in your home.

This type or heating tool is installed under your flooring that is also beneficial if you are saving space. You do not need to declutter a wall to free up space for a heating tool as underfloor heating kits are made to be set-up under the ground.

Having an underfloor heating system installed in your nook means one less thing to clean about. You do not have to think of dusting off dirt as the tool is placed beneath the floor that hardly has any cleaning and maintenance need.

There are several underfloor heating systems you can try based on your preference:

Buried Warm Water Underfloor Heating Tool. This type is the most traditional of all underfloor heating systems. It consists of 1.6cm pipe tool that shall install beneath the floor’s surface. It must have the finish of a covering, and a manifold must control the system.

This type of underfloor heating system is considered to be the most efficient and functions at low-cost. But, if you are deciding to install this kind in your home, you must know that a complete overhaul of your floor is necessary for the installation.

Surface Mounted Water Underfloor Heating Tool. If you only think about installing an underground heating tool now and you cannot afford to overhaul your floor, this type is a good option. This type of device only has 1.2cm pipes that can be put on the top of your current flooring.

Electric Underfloor Heating Tool. Electric could be the one to go nowadays. It is because it is less hassle and does not require digging and demanding installations. This type of heating tool only involves cable and is the cheapest to mount in your home. Though it might be the easiest, it could be the most expensive (in cost) compared to the traditional water systems.

Where to Use the Underfloor Heating System?

Relatively, the underfloor heating system is suggested for every home, but if you are considering to have an all-wood and solid floor, this might not be the best heating tool for you. But, if your engineers and architects assure you an at least three-layer wood for your flooring, then an underfloor heating system like this is good to go.

Engineered wood is the best material that goes with your underfloor heating manifold. The combination of the two elements guarantees a reliable and robust service that will give you no problems of worry about exposing your home to changes especially weather-wise.

How to Install an Underfloor Heating Kit?

Professional installers are recommended to mount and fix you underfloor heating system because they are the one who can best understand the calculation and the sizes of pipes, as well as other details. They can also give you suggestions and information about the maintenance and signs of damages that may occur.

You can also opt to Do-It-Yourself (DIY) if you want to save cost and you have more time to spare. Just remember that you need a drafter to show you where the pipes must go and how you should install them. Proper installation is the key, so you are sure that there are no problems along the way that will take more of your time and resources.

Either you do it yourself or hiring some personnel for the installation; you must always seek a professional to do the gas and electrical connections to ensure safety and security of your home and your family.

Is It Worth it?

Underlying heating systems are always worth it especially if you seek from the best ones like Soleheat. You must also consider reliable people to ask about details and other information you might need to know when it comes to selecting and installing your preferred heating system.