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Top Ways To Enhance The Productivity Of The Diamond Drilling Projects



There are many industries where the diamond drilling machine is used, like shipbuilding, mining, building construction, steel construction, etc. The professionals look for ways to get the most out of their diamond drilling process. One of the most important factors of using a diamond drilling machine in a construction project is its productivity. The experts keep exploring new ways to enhance this productivity and complete their job with efficiency.

Improving the productivity of such jobs is not as difficult as it sounds. The experts have recommended a few simple tips that can fulfill this need with ease. To work like a pro with the diamond drilling machine, have a look at these tips.

Check The Rate Of Penetration Or Rop

If you want to complete the drilling task without making great efforts, it is the rate of penetration that you must consider. It will also help in decreasing the cost of such projects considerably. The correct pressure applied on the core bit, and motion of water determined the ROP.

How To Optimize The Rop Or Rate Of Penetration?

There are some of the small tips that you must follow. Have a look at them.

  • Figure out the right drilling specifications for the structures that you have to drill
  • Pick the suitable core bit and the crown configuration for the job

Choosing The Best Equipment For The Operation

High-quality tools have several benefits. They optimize the work, safeguards the person performing the job and produces excellent output. Picking out the right pieces of equipment include choosing the best core bit for the work. The right core bit eventually helps in the core recovery.

There are other various parameters that you must consider like the toughness of the structure, abrasiveness, and variability. Not only these but making the choices regarding drill rods, reaming shell and core lifter system also affects the productivity of the diamond drilling massively.

Practice Regular Maintenance Of The Drilling Tools

Keeping the tools clean and lubricated is essential to extend their lifespan. It is vital to check the tools to be sure that they are in perfect working condition. Doing so will help in the perfect implementation of the job without wasting any time. Also, make sure to clean the equipment and store it well after the work is over. It will keep the tools ready for the upcoming projects.

Choosing The Right Additives For The Equipment

Additives provide a single solution for many problems. It helps in saving the tools from the damage and rust and improves the working condition. It lubricates the tools which also aids in cooling down the core bit.

There are many problems that the diamond drill face while operating. The additives help in solving such problems as well like issues of collapsing holes or the grainy ones that causes constant friction.

Points To Be Noted During The Drilling Operation

There are many things that you must consider while working with the drilling machine. It is suggested not to switch off the plugs of the tool while the procedure is going on. If done, it can damage the core bits making it completely useless for the project. It is proposed to withdraw the tool in clockwise fashion when the drill is running in order to save the chips from the destruction.

The other thing that you must do is to keep a check on the sharpness of the core bit. If it is not in the good working condition make sure that you send the bit to the customer service to make it useful again for the construction projects.

Hire The Diamond Drilling Firm For The Best Results

Make sure that you keep these easy-to-do tips in mind to enhance the productivity of the diamond drilling. If you think that you will need the services of diamond drilling and sewing projects, look for the professional companies in the UK that provide such services at affordable costs. There are many such service providers online like CA Drillers which will make the work easier for you. Also, hiring the best cutting, sawing and drilling company will be the right guide that will enhance the profitability and productivity of your project.