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Top Travel Destinations for Women Who Want To Wander Solo




Now let’s face it! We are not stuck in medieval times. Women of today are more active upon empowerment. They have learned how to manage a job on their own, achieve fame in different fields on their own,  and now the greatest gift they want to give to themselves is solo traveling.

Women from different background and different lifestyle claim that there is a different taste of freedom, the freedom they want to discover and that is what encourages them to look for a solo trip. Another housewife has claimed that sometimes it is hard to manage all the roles of a house maker, a mother and a wife in its entirety.

She does not want to confess that she sometimes becomes frustrated because to her, it would mean that she does not love her family. So she came up with this brilliant idea of solo tripping to take short breaks from her hustle-bustle life.

For such women, there are plenty of places where they would feel the freedom they had always wanted, since the thrill of solo traveling without risking their own safety and security.

#1 Denmark

Denmark has secured 5th place in the Global Peace Index. Along with that, it is an excellent place to visit with all those picturesque buildings, meandering canals with a striking contrast of dunes and mountains (Now how cool is that?)

Denmark is a country which treats its men and women equally. It is also one of the states where violence and abuse is not quite popular. Moreover, most women in Denmark spend most of their lives as single women. SO you can pretty much guess that if you want to indulge in peaceful space, Denmark is one of the places you should opt for.

#2 Portugal

Portugal is one step ahead than Denmark when it comes to peace. It holds rank 4th in the Global Peace Index. Things that go with its reputation as one of the most peaceful country is it scenic beauty, colorful buildings and we are totally not forgetting the coastal glamour of Portugal.

Although the Portuguese had a fair share in the history of maritime and courageous travelers and fierce discoverers. It is also reputed to give special emphasis on the freedom of the female population.

First of all, Portugal is easy to navigate with all those cheap and accessible transport. Secondly, the Portuguese people are very friendly and simple. If you are willing to spend your vacation like a local person, then you will find yourself around many families who celebrate life always with good food, singing, and dancing. But do not wander alone in the dead of the night!

#3 Canada

According to the World Happiness Report, published in 2016, Canadians were declared as one of the happiest country people in the world. The best time to visit Canada is from Septem to November, although it has nothing to do with the behavior of people.

Whenever you visit Canada, you will be welcomed by people most warmly. Canada is the soothing place of majestic mountains, snow-capped little towns and it also holds 6th rank in the Global Peace Index.

Although people mostly go to Canada for trekking, however, you can borrow some quiet days out of your busy life and visit some of its heavenly sights and soul-touching lakes.

Canada has a simple lifestyle and their method of celebration is also simple. So, you may not find Canada all thrilling and all, but most women in Canada are self-sufficient and the country totally supports that. Therefore, Canada can be your next top travel destination!

Nevertheless, wherever you are, if you are alert and sound with your own safety every country can prove to be a paradise of your own solo trip diary!