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Top Ten Most Popular Torrent Sites Of 2018



The hype in legal proceedings not in favor of many torrent websites can be thought of as one significant reason the list of the top torrent sites might change more regularly than it did a few years ago. Regular users of the BitTorrent network cannot forget the fall of torrent-giant KickAss. Increases in the demands for the VPN services to unblock torrent sites have been noticed.

In addition preference to adopting the online streaming services like Netflix and Amazon Prime have also put dent in the popularity of Bit Torrent’s after expanding their services to more than 100 countries.

You should keep in mind the fact that indulging in copyright violation is against the law in majority countries and you might land in prison.

Top 10 Torrent Sites Of 2018

1. The Pirate Bay

Like old wine torrent site  thepiratesbay, abbreviated as TPB, again topped the ranking list while operating on its actual domain. The website gained this position after the complete wiping of KickAss Torrents last year.TPB is very well known name for the miscellaneous compilation of the torrents spread across movies, TV shows, games, software, audio books, songs, etc. Users can access the torrent index via TPB’s user friendly which hasn’t modified in years.

The Pirate Bay has great quantity of seeds which is the reason for its top ranking among torrent sites which make you capable to download faster.

  1. ( is very meaningful for those who prefer downloading movie torrents over anything else. The torrent site has transferred to a new domain which is currently low ranked on Alexa rank. This website has no links with original YTS/YIFY group, whose operations got shut down couple of years ago. YTS is popular due to its visual appearance. The looks are much enough to give a tough contest to some well known streaming services. Users can comfortably easily create content requests and provide feedback to the operators of the site. But it required a user account and also to make comments on the website. This site provides a well-organized search box along with other filters and options.


1337x is a torrent site that’s very much conscious of its visual appearance. Everything from the home page to index page placed neatly and aligned properly. The site hosts torrents in various categories. The torrent also provides a list of popular or trending torrents for a day and week. This torrent site acquired scores points in the outlook and feel section because the user interface is great. Torrent information is displayed in a manner that made easy to read without stressing on your eyes.


It might not look pleasant to some users, the website successfully does what it’s meant for, i.e., it provide healthy torrent files to the users. But users must be prepared to watch numerous classified ad tabs while clicking links on the website.

Despite of slight drop in the Alexa rank, is still considered as one of the top torrent sites available on the internet.


Another well known site is which is a torrent search engine and indexing website which floats itself as a replica of the non-operational Torrentz. Its only job is to seek for the torrents available on other torrent sites. Apart from using the search box to search torrents, users can also visit the MyTorrentz section where they can take the guidance of the tag bubble and see verified torrents for multiple categories. Instead of its regular domain, Torrenz2 can also be accessed in the form of an onion website using Tor.


You will be very much aware about the release group that used to work on the KickAss Torrents and other top torrent sites. In past two years, the domain has somehow managed to keep itself under the top 1000 websites on Alexa. Its main users are interested in downloading TV show torrents. Indeed only content category one would find on this popular torrent site.


Limetorrents is again part of list. Another website which contain torrents in different categories like TV Series, Movies, Games, Applications, and Anime.

It’s very easy to find a healthy torrent and what is the reason that makes LimeTorrents one of the best torrent sites when it comes to the updating of regular content. It provides updated lists for the top 100 torrents trending the most, along with the latest torrents uploaded to the site.

Users can create accounts in order to upload torrents, provide feedback, bookmark torrents last but not least exchange messages with other users as well. This multi-category torrent site has various torrents with healthy seed count. A star icon is shown in front of torrent for that purpose.

  1. Zooqle

It’s a comparatively new name in the BitTorrent ecosystem, but it has covered distance in the success charts very rapidly. The credit for this rapid progress goes to rapid number of torrents.

Users can comfortably navigate and seek things via clear interface of the website which is supported by the lack of disturbing advertisements. It mainly deal with content like TV Show torrents and Movie torrents, but the famous torrent site also contain torrents relevant to software, games, etc., for various device platforms.

It contain vast number of subcategories, Zooqle has made it very easily even for new users. It contain more than 3 million verified torrents.

  1. Torrents. Me

This torrent does the job of search torrents on other websites. This offers more than just being a torrent search engine. In fact, use to cultivate data from other sites that deal with torrents.

In order to satisfy user’s torrenting requirements, presents various torrent sites and segregate them into diverse categories. For moment, users can comfortably search the best torrent sites for movies by visiting the relevant category page. It is basically a torrent search engine, the website that contains the top torrent sites in various categories like Books, Sports, Apps, etc.


In comparison to Zooqle, TorLock is another name among the limited number of torrent sites which still contain a .com TLD. The operators of the site should have been really working hard to make TorLock share stage with the best torrent sites available. This popular torrent site contains torrents in a range of categories and enables frequent visitors to maintain their user accounts. As far as looks are concerned TorLock might not have the best you can find. However, it definitely has the edge over many other top torrent sites like The Pirate Bay, RARABG, LimeTorrents, etc.

The best thing is that it only contains verified torrents. That’s why it’s one of the best torrent sites.