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Top Safety Accessories For 4WD Cars



Fire extinguisher

People who are fond of going on long drives and off-roading, usually use 4-way drives cars and sports utility vehicles. They are powerful enough to carry the load and drive on any roads. Most of the SUVs and 4WD vehicles are made for long drives and vacation trips.

If you are fond of long drives or you like off-roading, you must have some safety accessories for your car. Most care manufacturers offer the basic accessories that are essential for a car, but you need more accessories to improve the comfort and safety of your vehicle.

These accessories can help you drive safely and deal with stressful situations on your trip. This post shares the top accessories that you must have on your SUV car. 

Mirror Dash Camera

A mirror dash camera is an accessory that you can install on the windscreen of your car.  It can shoot the videos of your family while you drive the vehicle. Moreover, it can let you see the road farther than you can see with naked eyes. Also, it can be helpful in case of accidents to check who was at fault and even in case of traffic rule fines.

Jump starter

Sometimes the battery of a car gets discharged due to prolonged use of air conditioner and headlights. It also happens if the battery is too old and it becomes difficult to start the car in such a situation. A jump starter kit can help you start the car when your battery gets down. Once the car starts, your battery automatically gets charged as you drive the vehicle. 

Life hammer

A life hammer is an important accessory and can take you out of a difficult situation. Sometimes the car gets stuck in the conditions when all the windows get locked, and it becomes impossible to open them. A life hammer can help you to break the window glass and get out of the car within seconds.

Reflective tape

A reflective tape glows when light falls on it. You must paste the reflective tape on the front and rear bumper of your car to make it visible to other vehicles in pool light. The reflective tape illuminates even when a dim light falls on it, and other drivers can see your car. Some people also paste reflective tape on the sides of their vehicle to make it visible from sides.

Tire Inflator and deflator

The tire pressure often varies when you drive your vehicle on long trips and in different climatic conditions. Usually, the tire pressure increases with heat and decreases with cold. When you drive, the tire pressure increases due to heat from friction, and it can decline in case of cold conditions. A tire inflator and deflator allow you to inflate or deflate your tires to maintain the correct pressure.

Fix a flat spray

You never know when a nail or sharp object on the road can puncture your tire. A flat tire can stop your car in the middle of a trip and put you in trouble if you don’t have a spare tire and jack. Fix a flat spray is an adhesive that seals small punctures in a tire and allows you to drive the vehicle for a few days. You need to pull out the nail and spray the adhesive on the hole, and it will seal the gap within a few seconds. Then you can inflate the tire and drive your car as usual.

Traction mats

Sometimes the tire of a car gets stuck in the pit holes especially when you drive off the road. If the pit hole contains wet mud the tire doe not get adequate friction to rollout. It keeps on rolling inside the hole, no matter how hard you accelerate. Traction mats come in handy in such situations. You need to place them under the tire in the hole and accelerate a little to get your car out within no time.

Fire extinguisher

A fire can break out at any place due to any reason, and vehicles are no exception. Most people don’t keep a fire extinguisher in their car, but it can save lives in case a vehicle gets on fire. Vehicles run on gasoline, and a little leakage can cause a fire. Moreover, the upholstery and foam in the seats are also prone to fires. Therefore, every car owner should keep a fire extinguisher in his car.

Final Words

These are some of the best accessories for cars. Having these accessories do not guarantee you great comfort, but they can help you in troublesome situations. Moreover, you can install the additional accessories like the 4WD winch Toowoomba according to your requirements. Spending some money on such additional accessories can make your trips safe and convenient whether you drive in your city or on long drives.


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