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Top Reasons of Toilet Blockages



Overflow of toilets, sewage drains are quite messy and nasty things to manage for anyone. And having experienced it anytime in your life; you will know what it feels to face a toilet with a miserable clogged drain, dirty water flowing out and the foul smell that could cause a person to puke. Well, you would probably never wish to land up in such a horrible situation though you have best blocked toilet service available at the tip of your finger, through the web world, where hiring and calling them in an emergency is not a big deal at all.

Now in order avoid the arrival of such clumsy and disgusting situation of getting your toilet drain completely jammed, pushing out the wastes and feces out floating inside the toilet tub, you need to be alert, take precautionary measures and realize the extreme troublesome condition that could arise, apart from the drainage of your pocket for the cleaning as well.

  1. Toilet Paper Jam

Sometimes without realizing the outcome, you tend to throw toilet papers in the toilet directly. While nowadays you find some papers which completely disintegrate in the toilet, there are other papers which do not disintegrate easily. Not only the adults but even the kids should be asked not to force the used toilet papers through the drain line, instead, have throwing bin can be helpful in avoiding clogged drains.

  1. Flushing Non-Flushable Items

Normally your toilets are made to withstand the disposal of only toilet wastes and toilet papers which easily disintegrate in most cases. However, when you have kids in the family, they have a general tendency of throwing things around into the toilet.

However, sometimes even adults misuse the toilets and throw non-flushable items which can easily clog the entire sewage drainage and pose threatening consequences. Throwing of the below given items must be avoided to save your toilet drain lines from getting clogged easily:

  • Hair
  • Greasy disposals
  • feminine products
  • paper towels
  • face wipes
  • used cotton balls
  • paper
  • any kind of other solid items

Apart from individual negligence sometimes other uncontrollable factors can also be reasons behind blockages. While external agents can many a time be the reason behind a blockage, internal reasons can also lead to clogs.

  • The area above the tank must essentially be kept free since keeping things above the tank can accidentally lead to falling of objects into the tank. This eventually leads to the tank getting jammed.
  • Even shelves above your toilet can also lead to accidental dropping of vanity items into the toilet without your notice and thus might choke the drainage system.
  • Again, apart from this hard water is also a potential enemy of free flow through drains, since hard water generally calcifies into a form of the mineral, which settles around the internal body of the drain lines and automatically restricts the free flow of water.
  • Houses with septic tanks use a channel of leach lines which filters out water from the wastes into the soil. Sometimes these leach lines get blocked when sludge formations of non-disposable wastes appear in these lines and these leach lines get choked.

Under such severe conditions when you simply cannot use one of your DIY techniques to clear the clogged drainage system you need to seek for best blocked toilet service. Since certain blockages can be difficult to deal with you not only need expert plumbing and drainage clearing services but also experienced professionals. Moreover, if you are not sure where the blockage has been exactly, it is better not to try out your personal skills.

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