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Top Reason Why Fly Fishing Could Become Your New Favorite Outdoor Activity




Fly fishing is a bit polarizing because most of the people enjoy it and most don’t. There are many people who don’t like it just because it’s boring, smelly and brainless. All we can say they never really tried fly fishing. Fly fishing is a whole a different ball game, its active, exciting and interesting. Its lot more than just catching a fish and if you catch something then you have achieved success. This is something, you are proud of and you can go with your friends and family. This is one of the most beautiful, natural, and exhilarating sport and you will surely enjoy this. Imagine you are standing in the middle of the water and the fish flowing around and you are surrounded by mountains, so this is the most beautiful memory you can gather and cherish for life. The sound of the river flowing and the bird crippling is purely intoxicating. You will surely love this.

It’s quite easy to be with nature while you are doing fly fishing. That’s the only reason you should try fly fishing. If you are staying in a beautiful location like Colorado, then you might know how exciting fly fishing as Colorado has so many great places for fly fishing. No wonder there are so many outdoor activities in Colorado, but fly fishing is something worth trying. Still not convinced that you should give it try? Well here are some great reasons why you should try fly fishing once in your life.

It takes Brains

If you are wondering that fly fishing is exactly like fishing, then you are wrong. It takes a lot of thought and idea about the river, bug hatches, and trout feeding pattern to attract a fish. You can also select the kind of fly to use and what kind of a day. You also have to plan smartly so that you can place your fly so that you can attract fish. If you use the right method and techniques then you will surely succeed.

It’s a Great Workout

“Undoubtedly, fly fishing can be done from a drift boat. However, it more fun to go and stand in the middle of the river. If you truly want to do a workout in fly flying then you need to walk through the waist-deep water against the strong current. Rocky riverbed can give you one of the best workouts. Swinging back and forth of the rod can work for your casting arm and back. You will be surrounded with fresh air which is good for your lungs. If you want a core workout then you should try wading upstream through the waist-deep water against the current.

The View

Fly fishing gives you an opportunity to go to the places that you normally don’t go. You will follow the river upstream and explore the areas that you have never visited. It allows you to explore the whole new different world while you are in the water, you will also visualize nature at a different level. You will also see mountain over your head and birds making their way to downstream. This is something that you will never forget. So that’s why you should go for fly fishing.

It’s Challenging

If you the person who loves challenges then you should go for fly fishing. If you don’t like a failure then this is something that you should try. As you know this is not a sport that you are going to nail it. It’s more like fun and it takes time to get perfect. It takes to understand that the rod and the line, swinging over the head in perfect “C” shape. You will have to figure out the different sections of the river and where the fish would like to hang out. It’s not like fishing that you can catch fish every time so you have to use proper techniques. You will feel two emotions, frustration and excitement. You will feel frustrated about not catching a fish and excited about the next adventure. When you finally do catch your first fish, it’s the best feeling in the world.

It’s Fun

Whether you are fishing with your friends or family, fly fishing is always fun and exciting. If you are a business owner, then it’s a great way to motivate your employee because it is one of the great outdoor team building activities. It increases your employee’s communication and team spirit. This is something that you cannot explain when a trout suck your fly and you will feel a line tense beneath your fingers. This is something you want to try every weekend.

It’s Accessible

After you try fly fishing, you will never look at water the same way. That pond in front of your house will drive you from work. You can try this fun activity fly fishing at any point in time. Water will drive you and soon you will be addictive. You will explore the whole new different world in water. If you just want to escape from something or want to get distracted then try fly fishing. This is the best distraction that you will ever get and you will soon fall in love with this.

It’s Affordable

What items do you want for fly fishing? You need to a rod and a reel which is very affordable. These types of equipment are actually lifetime investment, you don’t have to buy every time when you go for fly fishing. If you want to do something at an advanced level, then you will find different opportunities to buy something that will help you to catch a fish. But, if you are a beginner, then you just need a fly rod with line and leader and the collection of small flies. So it is quite affordable.

It’s a Game of Tactic

After a few years of practice then you will analyze the movement of the river. Only a good fly fisher can understand the movement of the river. You need to pay attention to the local bug life and educate yourself with the constant fish feeding pattern. If you want to want to increase your chance of catching fish, then you have to make the right choice about the river and what fly to use to catch the fish. Fly fishing is a kind of big puzzle and it fun to put each piece together. It’s your job to attract the fish so be careful what you feed. Imitating food is a not an easy task as it seems to be. You will also catch every movement of the fish and plan your next strategy accordingly. After all the planning a lot, when you finally able to catch a fish then you will feel you achieve succeeded.

It’s Humbling

If you love traveling and loves outdoor adventure then you should definitely try fly fishing. If you are beginner then you should not expect to catch a fish on the very first day. As you are unaware of the right techniques and methods and this is not something that you are born perfect. There are lots of dedications and hard work involves nailing down in fly fishing. You will explore the whole new different world but catching my first fish will be an exhilarating experience of your life.

It’s Meditative

We all are bust in our life, we hardly find time to spend with our loved one. Fly fishing gives an opportunity to spend some quality time with your family and friends. You are surrounded by all tension of your life so this will gives a great escape for you and your family. Your family would enjoy fly fishing and you can share some special memories with them. It’s a great way of escaping and it’s really good for mental health.

It’s a Primal Thing

In today’s society, we often get appeal towards unrealistic things. Fly fishing is more than catching a fish, it’s more than satisfying. You can involve every part of hurt. If you ever feel sad or depressed then you should definitely go for fly fishing and this will give you immense pleasure. Whenever you will feel lost then fly fishing will help you to gear back with your life. So try fly fishing for distraction and be with nature. We are sure that nature will help you to remove every tension.

Its Lifelong Hobby

If you are started fly fishing, and then it’s hard to get away with it. You will find new reasons to go for fly fishing every weekend. Fly fishing will help you to gather some memorable memories. You can take your father or children for fly fishing and create some great time with them. The main motive of fly fishing is to provide you with some amazing opportunity to learn something new and unique. Fly fishing will help you to reconnect with the reality all over again. Sharing some amazing fishing experiences helps to strengthen your relationship with your friends and family.

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