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Top Places to Buy Sarees in India



Indian women have been wearing sarees since the time they started to weave cotton which was in the 5th millennium BC. Stating this, we think there is no harm acknowledging India as the capital of the Asian sub-continent for sarees. Every region in India has a different style of weaving and also for draping the six-yard-cloth attire. Around 2450 BC, silk came into use and saree further progressed into salwar kameez, ghagra and other beautiful styles. Their origin rooted in rural India, presently sarees have more than 60 kinds of weave arts with brilliant textiles. Read on and know about the top places in India where you can buy some of the best sarees.

1. Varanasi

Benarasi silk sarees are quite popular among the brides and these are actually one of the finest pieces you can find in the country. Crafted in Varanasi, these sarees are popularly known for their silver, gold and brocade work and is woven using the finest silk for a finished product which is intricate and opulent. The floral motifs of these sarees are influenced by Mughal designs. The pallu design has an exclusive feature of complex designs woven in gold, silk or silver thread.

Where to buy: Some popular places to buy Benarasi sarees are Vishwanath Gali, Chowk and Godoulia market in Varanasi. Visit these markets and look around for the best price.

2. Kolkata

Synonymous with the women of West Bengal, a white cotton saree with a red border, also known as Lal Paar Saree is a major part of Kolkata. These sarees are just not worn on Durga Pooja but are an important part of every Bengali woman’s closet. Some of the popular sarees include Tassar, Tant cotton saree and Vishnupuri silk.

Where to buy: Buy sarees from New Market and Dakshinapan Shopping Complex when in Kolkata. Other places like Adi Mohini Mohan Kanjilal and Adi Dhakeswari Bastralaya are also quite famous for traditional Bengali sarees. So wait no more! Book flights to Kolkata and picks these beauties for a perfect traditional look.

3. Chennai

Home to the gorgeous Kanjivaram saree, Tamil Nadu is the best place if you are looking out for some serious saree shopping. To weave a Kanjivaram saree, three shuttles along with two people are required to fabricate the final product. This style of saree showcases various woven patterns like animals, suns, chariots, moons, leaves, mango motifs and more. With a contrasting colour, the pallu and border of these sarees are gold and silk thread work. Chennai is the best place to pick the best of Kanjivaram sarees.

Where to buy: You can buy these sarees from the pioneers in this field like Nalli and Kumaran Silks. Other shops include Chennai Silks, RmKV, Sree Kumaran Stores among others.

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4. Mysore

Contributing to 70 percent of mulberry silk production, Karnataka takes on the lead with most production in its Mysore district. Visit this place to shop for a range of sarees in various varieties and colours.

Where to buy: Visit Sukri’s Silks, Menaka Silks and Badsha’s Saibeen Silks and shop for an extensive range of sarees like Benarasi, Pochampallis and Kanjivarams. Some other places include Bhojayya Shilpa Silks and State Emporium which are known for their best ethnic collection.

5. Kota

Popular for the Doria saree, Kota is a must visit for all saree lovers. Doria saree is weaved on a customary pit loom that crafts a square check pattern on the fabric. To make it stronger, the yarn is treated with onion juice paste and rice which eliminates the need for any further finishing. Cotton Doria sarees are quite popular for summer months.

Where to buy: Main Bazaar and Government Emporia in Kota are the best places to buy sarees.

With this list of the best places to buy sarees, make sure you do not miss out on a chance to buy yourself a saree, next time you visit any of these destinations.