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Top Desserts You Must Try In India




Desserts are the last but most special part of a dinner and as far as the Indian food is considered its speciality in desserts has been no secret from the whole world.

Indian cuisine in itself is too broad and diverse but what makes it more special and unique is the different kind of sweets it offers.

One thing which every person travelling to India must keep in their mind while trying the foods as well as desserts is that whichever dish they may try, there would be hardly anyone which would not be loaded with calories.

So, if you are going to India, then forget about calories, just relish the delicious desserts and pamper yourself. If you need some suggestions on the top desserts you must try when your travel to India, then your wait is over as we have filtered out the best for you.

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If you have even a bit of knowledge about Indian food and culture, seeing the word modak might have rung a bell in your heads and the word Ganesh Chaturthi would have surely popped up.

In shape you can relate it more or less to momos which are a common street food these days but if you want to know how real modaks are then they are sweet dumplings made up of flour, stuffed with nutmeg, jaggery, saffron and coconut.

After stuffing they are shaped properly and then steamed to utter perfection. Though a famous dessert in India but they are majorly found during the time of Ganesh Chaturthi festival as they are offered to the almighty.

  1. Kulfi

If you like stick ice creams, then you are surely going to love kulfi. It is a kind of frozen dessert made by reduced milk and flavoured with the help of cardamom, almonds, saffron and pistachios. Served only in perfectly chilled form, kulfi is immensely dense, rich and creamy in taste.

When visiting India during the summer season it is the perfect way to beat the heat. A popular summer delight and wonderful in taste, once tasted kulfi will become your all – time favourite dessert. If you want to try famous Kulfi . Roshan di Kulfi is the best kulfi falooda in the city.

  1. Sandesh

Being a Bengali origin dessert, Sandesh matched the crazy level of sweetness that Bengalis love. Made up of cottage cheese or traditionally known as chenna, it is blended with saffron and cardamom for adding the required flavour.

People also believe that the idea of the cheese dish was inspired by the dishes of some early European traders. Whatever may be its origin but at present this delicious desert is commonly found in India and every sweet tooth must try it.

The best part about Sandesh is that as soon as you will place it in your mouth it will melt instantly and please your sweet desires.

  1. Jalebi

Another favourite desert among Indians is jalebi. It is a spiral shaped dessert made by deep frying the flour. The sweetness of jalebi’s is totally unmatchable as once the flour is deep fried it is properly soaked in sugar syrup. This wonderful dessert has been popular and loved since many centuries.

One can also find jalebi in different kinds of version in countries like Turkey and Iran. They are easy to make and heavenly to taste. For the best taste and experience, make sure that you eat it right after they are cooked, in other words when they are warm because they lose their charm with the loss of warmth.

We know that seeing all this sweetness would be making you go crazy to have a bite of them. So, go ahead and thank us later!