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Top Countries That Issue Visa On Arrival To Indians



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Everybody loves to travel and explore other countries. Something that’s supposed to be joyful a de-stressing can be distressing the minute it comes to applying for a visa. This strenuous and slow process of obtaining a visa almost makes us not want to visit a particular place. Luckily, there are countries that provide us visa on arrival, making the process of travelling turbulence free.

Mentioned below are some countries that issue visa on arrival to Indian citizens

  1. Thailand – A paradise for the young and old, Thailand has everything to appease crowds of all kinds. Whether you want to have a quiet time at the beach or a glittering party to discharge the stress from travelling, this versatile country has a lot to offer. Not to mention that you need not apply for a visa here in India. Thailand is one of those countries that offer Indians with visa on arrival.

  2. Vietnam – From cruises to historic monuments, this historic country doesn’t require you to apply for a visa as well. Indians can go acquire the visa on arrival. It is almost effortless, therefore, to visit Vietnam and explore everything this beautiful place has to offer.
  3. Indonesia – Indonesia is another country that issues visa on arrival. Famous temples, scuba diving, scenic beaches are all attractions that give an explorer a transcendental experience. If you are visiting this country, make sure to visit the awe-inspiring city of Bali for the scenic attractions it has to offer and Jakarta to spend a little money in their renowned shopping centres.
  4. Kenya – The rich wildlife in Kenya and the exuberant wildlife safaris that the nation provides make it a must-visit place. The add to the excitement, Kenya offers visa on arrival to Indian citizens as well.
  5. Sri Lanka – The tropical beaches, the electrifying atmosphere, and the vibrant nightlife present in Sri Lanka are all reasons that one must visit the place. Not to mention that one Indian rupee is equal to 2.41 Sri Lankan Rupee, making it an economical tour for an Indian. Sri Lanka is also one of those countries that offer visa on arrival to Indian citizens.
  6. Madagascar – Madagascar is undoubtedly one of the best places in the world that have the finest rainforests and wildlife. Its spectacular landscapes and the euphoric water sports take Madagascar to the bucket lists of many avid travellers. This is also a country that issues visa on arrival to Indian citizens.
  7. Cambodia – Indian passport holders can obtain a visa on arrival in Cambodia. The nation with historic sites and emerging tourist hotspots are enticing to any traveller looking to explore a country.
  8. Ethiopia – Indian passport holders can avail a visa on arrival for 30 days in Ethiopia. The medieval atmosphere in the country of Ethiopia is a breath-taking experience for travellers that are avid history lovers. The ancient city Harar, the Nile falls, and the Rift valley are all places to look out for while visiting Ethiopia.