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Top 7 Smart Fridges to Consider in 2019 [Buyer’s Guide]




Given the coolest features, fridges these days are something out of this world. What makes all of this even cooler, is a fridge that is smart and helps you cool down things even better. For maximum chill, all you need to do is invest in a smart fridge that fits your budget.

Fridge prices all vary but what is more important, is to compare if you are getting the features worth the price. To help you decide, we’ve compiled a complete buying guide. The following guide will enable you to make the best possible investment!

1) GE Profile PFE28PBLTS, 36 Inch Smart French Door Refrigerator

The GE Profile PFE28PBLTS smart fridge is a black, stainless steel fridge. With a total capacity of 27.8 cu, this French door refrigerator is something that is bound to get you excited.

Moreover, the fridge features the Keurig K-Cup Brewing System, Wi-Fi Connectivity and Showcase LED Lighting. The fridge also has its own GE kitchen app that can be used to tap out hot water instantly.

Furthermore, the fridge is compatible with Alexa. Through this feature, you can give Alexa various commands and she will do as instructed. Not only is the fridge super cool and energy-efficient, but it is also an appliance that will do its own tasks. What more could you want?!

2) Samsung Family Hub 2.0

A family’s hub; this fridge is capable of storing a ton of food for a large family in one go. With a total capacity of 671 liters, the SRF671BFH2 is a French door fridge that is super smart.

The refrigerator has its a Countdown app that can be used to make instant purchases. Moreover, the screen displays the contents of the fridge so you do not have to open it up each time. What is even more exciting, is that the fridge can be made to obey commands with voice control. It is also super easy to add pictures and maintain schedules with this smart fridge.

As if all of this was not enough, the fridge also allows you to search up recipes and even play music!

3) Kenmore Smart 75043

Not only is the Kenmore 75043 a smart fridge, but it is also a great refrigerant. Along with the ability to help maintain the correct temperature, the fridge also features an ice dispenser. This creates ice rapidly which can be easily collected from below.

Coming to the smart controls, the Kenmore 75043 supports Alexa. This makes it possible for users to schedule tasks and give commands and Alexa and the fridge will, both abide. The fridge also has a smartphone app for added control. The app is also able to send out notifications if the appliance requires maintenance.

4) LG InstaViewThinQ

The LG InstaViewThinQ, allows you to simply tap on the door to view what is exactly placed inside the fridge. With this feature, you can easily pick out what you need immediately without letting out a lot of cold air.

The LG InstaViewThinQ is smart, beautiful and has double doors. Initially, the fridge supported only Google Assistant but now it works seamlessly with Alexa too. A smooth friendship with Alexa allows you to control the fridge completely and give out commands. It becomes super easy to maintain your fridge and keep checks.

5) LG InstaView Door-in-Door Refrigerator

Like almost all other smart refrigerators, the LG InstaView door-in-door fridge also has a smartphone app. The app can be used to control and access the fridge without the need of being in the kitchen every time.

The fridge’s app also sends out notifications for example, it will alert you if you’ve left the fridge door open. The refrigerator also supports Alexa and Google Assistant which makes it even easier to send out commands using voice control.

The best feature of the fridge is its ability to display the contents of the fridge on a double-tap. Using the screen, you can quickly see what it is that you want to take out or look for space where you can keep something. All in all, it improves energy-efficiency by preventing cold air from being wasted due to prior monitoring capabilities.

6) Whirlpool WRX735SDHZ

The Whirlpool WRX7355DHZ features an LED touchscreen to allow users to easily select options and features that the appliance offers. The screen can be used to adjust the temperature, lock the fridge and even control lighting.

Moreover, you can choose how much ice you want to dispense and what shape you need it to be, using the LED panel. You can also adjust and select the exact quantity of cold water you want to dispense. This prevents overfilling and spillage.

7) GE Café Smart, French Door Refrigerator

With a brewer built-in right inside the fridge’s door panel, it is super easy to get your coffee early in the morning. Moreover, if you are a tea lover, the fridge also provides hot water for the purpose.

The fridge is also super smart as it can connect to Wi-Fi and also supports Alexa. The fridge also has an app, which together with Alexa can be used to issue out commands.

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