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Top 7 Anti-Aging Habits for Healthy Skin



The earlier you start taking care of your skin, the better it will be in your forties when most women find it a challenge to keep lines and wrinkles away. On one hand, using the right products will mean a world of difference, however, effective skin care requires more than just oils and lotions – your entire lifestyle should be characterized by healthy choices.

Remember, your skin changes over time, so it makes sense to adjust your beauty routine over time to accommodate the changes. Doing this will keep you looking fresh all the time and your skin won’t give you much trouble. Here are our expert tips for daily skin care tricks that will genuinely turn back the years:

  1. Drink tea, not coffee, for breakfast

Switching from tea to coffee might take a while especially if you’re one of those people whose entire morning routine has been fueled by a cup joe for years. But the difference it could bring to your skin should be motivation enough.

Tea contains enzymes that are known to boost elasticity by improving the amount of collagen and elastin in the skin – and this can delay or, in some cases, prevent the appearance of wrinkles for years. Start sipping some tea today to get tougher skin, reduce the risk of getting cancer, and to eliminate free radicals from your body.

  1. Feed your face fruits and veggies — not sweets

Do you have a sweet tooth? Sugar has no real value except for taste, but it does compromise your health in the long term, which is why health experts recommend that we eat more fruits in place of sugary snacks. If you start replacing candy and other treats with fresh fruit, you will still satisfy your sugar craving, but this time your body will get a host of nutrients it needs to keep skin looking young, and to slow down aging.

High blood sugar levels can actually make you look much older than you are and because synthetic sugar has no antioxidants, your risk of cancers and inflammation increase severely. Fruits like berries have all the antioxidants you need to keep the immune system functioning optimally, and to reduce skin infections.

  1. Drink plenty of H2O

Your water intake should match your current lifestyle both in terms of energy consumption and mobility. If you sit at the computer for most of your time then perhaps your water consumption won’t be the same as someone who moves around much during the day; but in general, most people don’t drink enough water.

The effects this has on the skin is dryness, wrinkles, and a dull-looking face. Hydration allows the skin to maintain softness and prevent itchiness, inflammation, and many infections that are caused by toxins accumulating in the body. Drink more water to improve blood circulation and minimize signs of aging.

  1. Consider supplements

Few of us get all the nutrients we need from food alone. Seafood provides plenty of healthy fats like omega-3s that your skin needs to delay aging and enhance complexion. However, if you don’t eat salmon or flaxseeds very often, you can still get the same fats in the form of supplements – and this way you’ll be able to enjoy the same benefits if you don’t get them from your diet. These supplements will help balance the skin’s lipids (which tend to reduce over time) so that you don’t get dry skin or acne as the oils become unbalanced.

  1. Upgrade your SPF routine

Sun exposure leads to damage that can take years to repair, so it is advisable to use sunscreen outside, and not just when going to the beach. Age spots and discoloration are common effects of sun exposure; both of which can be prevented with the right type of sunscreen. SPF30 is ideal but anything that protects your skin is great. Some good options include moisturizing sunscreen, which comes with different levels or SPF, but are worth trying because they keep the collagen intact. Products that contain antioxidants and natural oils are also useful, especially if it’s also a broad-spectrum SPF.

6.Exfoliate weekly

Dead skin cells accumulate on the surface and can give you a dull complexion or rough patches on your skin, which is why it’s important to exfoliate regularly. Once a week should be enough to get rid of dead cells and dirt that we pick up every day, brighten skin, and to give you a more even skin tone. Be gentle on your skin as you exfoliate (small, circular movements are more effective), and avoid products that are known to contain pollutants like plastic micro beads.

7. Get a good night’s sleep

You won’t experience high energy levels and a clear mind if you are pushing all-nighters every day and rushing off for work with a foggy brain. The older you get, the more time your body needs to rest and recover from the previous day’s events, so when you go for days without quality sleep, the whole body will start falling apart. If cells are not being rejuvenated or renewed at the proper speed, then aging will be accelerated.

The skin will begin showing signs of tiredness, and over time this will lead to stress, wrinkles, dry skin, rashes, and all kinds of problems caused by the skin’s inability to heal itself. Sleep 7-8 hours a night to allow proper rest and cell-regeneration, and to keep the immune system working correctly.

These simple skin-care tips will keep you looking younger, healthier, and glowing. Practice every day for maximum skin protection.