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Top 6 Digital Marketing Trends to look for your Business in 2020



Digital Marketing is a dynamic field if you are a digital marketer then you must know that being a successful digital marketer requires flexible thinking and a flexible attitude that can cope up with the ever-changing digital world. Though seeing some ups and downs, 2019 has been a golden year for marketing and many experts believe that it is all thanks to the new trends that have appealed to the Z generation.

If you are owning a digital marketing agency then a sole success mantra is that you keep watch on the new trends that keep on surfacing. And plans your action accordingly. Because if you are not doing this then you are going to be left in the dust by your competitors who are going to do the same thing.

Here we will discuss some of the latest digital marketing trends that your business can be benefited from.

Digital Marketing Trends in 2020

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In the age where the maximum of things is based on digital technology. And time passes new and new technologies are being introduced to mankind. Hence, to survive in this digital world and in this digital marketing industry, you need to be efficient enough to use all these technologies at your disposal for the betterment of your business.

Let’s venture some of the digital marketing trends that are hovering around us and see what we can make out of it.

1. Predictive Marketing

We are living in an advanced market where people connect to their favourite brand not only over the product only, they try to get hold of them through their digital and social media presence. People active in the digital platform greatly contact their brands through social media platforms. Customers consume content in a most unstructured manner, they do a lot of research or looking up before making up any buying decision. Predictive marketing is about taking an account of all possibilities and giving the decision accordingly.

More marketers have started to talk about predictive marketing and they have started to talk about new decisions that must be taken on the business or related to business. You will have to be very patient and keen on what is happening and how it is happening.  You will also have to identify the likeness of both the brand and the business. 

Many industries do excel in this market like the hotel industry or the tourism industry can actually have an idea as to how many visitors would it have in the current year which comes under predictive marketing.

The Mantra of the success of predictive marketing is the ground-level research on the audience’s behaviour, buyer’s persona, buyer’s journey, and the things that the audience takes into consideration before making a buying decision. A collective effort of all these elements leads to the right prediction.

2. Smartly Bid Advertisement

The top digital marketers in 2019 were Google and Facebook, this has been confirmed by all the e-marketers. All the 2020 brands are getting back profuse returns on their brands, they have smartly used the bidding techniques with their advertisement. It was Facebook and Google who first set up the ad bidding system and they also encourage other leading marketers to adopt this technique.

The bidding system is all about placing the bets on the keywords that are used in placing the ads. The correct use of this bidding system can help the marketer to reach out to the right audience effectively. This system has eliminated all the irrelevant audiences to whom the ad was shown, who were not interested in the ads. The bidding system goes through lots of research on the keywords and the web sites on which the ads will be placed. Hence, the relevancy of the ad increases, resulting in exposure to high-quality audiences.

Google has also introduced, “auction time bidding”, in the recent Google Marketing Live 2019, automated machine bidding has been introduced and has been optimized for a better performance of the marketing.

3. Shoppable Post

This is the latest trend in digital marketing. The shoppable posts have been introduced in social media platforms. This has facilitated the new social media users and they can now buy the newly launched product of their favorite brand from the Instagram posts or from the Facebook posts.

This requires adding a call to action button on the post that will redirect the audience on the product site. From there you can buy the product without the interference of any kind of third party. We all know just how big the number of social media users is. If you are able to convert just the fraction of that number, just imagine the ROI and revenue.

The number of social media users is constantly increasing; hence they are looking for new marketing trends using social media platforms and this is also reducing the shopping stress of the customers. The number of Instagram users currently is 1 billion which is increasing unimaginably and through Instagram, the brands have been able to convert their customers. Each of the potential customers could be reached out efficiently.

4. Structured Data using SEO

Statistics have proven that more than 49% of Google searches resulted in no clicks in the first quarter of 2019 which was quite upsetting for all. This actually means that 50% of the searches have been lost, in the search engine. They have already missed the chance of getting traffic to their site. Now they are trying new techniques of using structured data.

The very first that you need to take is to become highly sensitive to the Search engine optimization aspect. Because it is the only way to get organic traffic from search engines. So if you can optimize your content and the data as per SEO rules and regulation, then the probability will be high of showing your results to the various search queries. With the right SEO, you may also get some of the traffic from the 49% mentioned above.

Google has prioritized the visual searches, which was scanning the snippets across all of the platforms and devices that are being used for the search engine. This also gives a clear vision to the users of the search engine. And if you have noticed, that Google has a snippet that highlights the most relevant searches, even if they are not the top posts. Hence, SEO friendly content is the key to unlock all the possibilities to gain more and more organic traffic.

5. Interactive Email

Email marketing is the new trend that marketers are using to gain relevant traffic. In the course of time, email marketing have earned a bad reputation for disturbing the audience by sending out irrelevant emails. However, if you can do a deep level of research on the keywords and the on your audience’s behaviour, then you can pinpoint the exact audiences that will be an exact match for your buyer’s persona. This way you can use then to retarget with the help of email marketing.

Always know that it is very important to have a great interaction with the customers. Not only it will help them to have a great customer service experience but also help you to do things in a better way. Email marketing is one of the latest trends in 2020 when digital marketing is hitting the benchmark. Not only sending emails to your leads but also being available for them whenever they want you to help them. Interactive email helps you to keep more than 91% of the customers happy. This is the best way to interact with the customers and solving their issues or addressing their issues effectively.

However, you need to be sure of one thing that the email you are sending to your audiences must have something that can attract your audience’s attraction. Only then, you will be able to get result out of email marketing.

6. Multi-Channel Messaging

There are several platforms that can be accessed from anywhere in in the world. So why not try using them to interact with audiences. This not only improves your brand’s reputation but you also get the idea of what kind of product and services audiences are looking for. With this information, you can easily formulate a plan of action that can help you to increase the conversion rate.

Marketers are being very clever and are able to find out more and more potential buyers. There are customers all across the world in a scattered manner. Several social media channels like WhatsApp, Facebook, WeChat, and messenger are bringing all the potential customers together. This is the best way to get in more leads to your own site and do a better channel in messaging.

What’s best about social media platforms is that you do not need a physical presence to convince the customers. You just need to be socially active as the audience, interact with them, try to understand their problems and then formulate a tailored solution for them. This way you will not only save time but you will also be able to create awareness of your brand all over the world.

Multi-channel messaging also helps you to find the relevant audiences. For example, if your business deals with fashion clothing, then the perfect social media platform will Instagram (as it deals with fashionable and creative looks). Or you have a product that will be helpful for the business people, then for that the best platform will be LinkedIn (as most of the professional have an account on the LinkedIn).

It’s all about what kind of business you have and which social media channel will suit you the best. The right combination of this will bring you the best result and higher ROI.


Digital marketing trends are something that keeps on changing every time. You have to be proactive enough to seize the opportunity when arises. As trends do not last long, because new trends overshadow them. Hence, be active, keep a good eye on the digital marketing universe, be flexible with planning and strategies and finally have patient with the decision you have made.