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Top 5 Mobile App Development Platforms for Enterprises



Today, the process of mobile app development has been largely simplified, owing to the presence of several Mobile App Development Platforms. Each platform comes with its own set of capabilities and hence, is significantly different from one another. Choosing the most suitable platform remains to be an intimidating task, nevertheless, if you are clear about the kind of app you wish to develop, the process gets simpler. In our post today, we have compiled a list of top 5 Mobile App Development Platforms (MADPs) that can sustain your precise requirements for all your enterprise’s projects. Let’s have a look.

1.    Adobe Experience Manager Mobile

Adobe Experience Manager Mobile is a proficient cloud service that was introduced by Adobe last year. Having a centralized web interface, AEM Mobile allows enterprises to create, manage and sustain efficient mobile apps all from one place, radically plummeting time to market. It comes with a well-organized built-in analytical system that permits accurate monitoring of the app performance as well as user response. By leveraging this amazing platform, organizations find it extremely easy to keep their customers engaged by proffering them valuable content on demand.

Benefits of Using this Platform

AEM Mobile is the perfect app solution for businesses of any kind. They allow your enterprise to:

➢    Fast-track your mobile app development process by prototyping, testing, developing and deploying apps in the same environment. This not only reduces the time to bring an app to life but it also considerably lowers the cost involved.
➢    Engages users by providing them pertinent and highly personalized content on demand.
➢    Improves efficiency by allowing enterprises to manage several apps from a single dashboard.
➢    Gathers valuable discernments on the app usage statistics which assists in deciding the popularity of app among its users as well as for amplifying the relevancy of content offered.
➢    Incorporate Adobe Marketing Cloud into your existing mobile app management workflow in order to directly interact with your customers and augment your brand outreach.
AEM Mobile allows enterprises to create mobile apps for Android, iOS and Windows.

2.    Axway Appcelerator

Appcelerator allows you to create immersive mobile apps and easily integrate them into your existing system with the help of APIs, control backend services as well as augment performance by gathering a detailed analytics. This is an amazing tool that works for all kinds of enterprises as it integrates public, private clouds and on-premise environments.

Benefits of Using this Platform

➢    Axway Appcelerator uses JavaScript as its enabling language.
➢    It features Titanium SDK that allows for the development of fully native apps for a smooth and rich user experience.
➢    It helps in collecting real-time usage information and performance analytics for every app.
➢    Secures instantaneous support for every new OS release
➢    Reuses approximately 90% of the code across various device platforms.

Axway Appcelerator allows enterprises to create mobile apps for Android, iOS, Blackberry and HTML5 apps.

3.    Kony Studio

Kony Studio allows app developers to create resourceful native or cross-platform apps by using a single JavaScript codebase. Apart from cutting down on the creation and implementation timelines, this feature lets the developers concentrate on creating the best possible app without distressing about reproducing it to meet the requirements of different operating systems. With Kony, you can deploy either app on-premise or public and private clouds. It features a unique built-in native and web debugging tool which assists in detecting and resolving problems in the code rapidly.

Benefits of Using this Platform

➢    A one-stop solution that offers a plentitude of mobile app development tools and topographies to help developers cater to their precise native and cross-platform app development needs
➢    Allows for the creation of cross-platform apps with a single codebase. The code offers an adequate flexibility of manipulating it in order to customize apps according to the precise requirements.
➢    It offers full freedom to deploy the app as native, hybrid or a web app.
Kony Studio allows enterprises to create mobile apps for Android, iOS, Blackberry, Windows, Symbian, Java ME, and WebOS.

4.    Mendix Platform

Offering a collaborative environment, Mendix is a smart app platform that allows small enterprises to build and deploy compound apps faster than ever. By combining Agile methodology, entries process integration, visual modelling, social productivity, drag-and-drop interface and a robust and scalable cloud infrastructure, Mendix allows enterprises to build every kind of app is just a couple of weeks. The platform seeks to improve your organization’s flexibility by seamlessly integrating into your existing systems, thus increasing the adaptability of your IT landscape.

Benefits of Using this Platform

➢    Mendix makes use of reusable building apps and therefore delivers apps 10x faster than conformist approaches.
➢    It easily integrates with your existing services, databases and legacy systems and adds custom functionality to improve the user experience.
➢    It helps to create user-friendly mobile, web and tablet applications that are intelligent and related to IoT, Big Data and Machine Learning Technology.
➢    Mendix apps use HTML5 and work on all devices. You don’t need to build separate apps for supporting different mobile devices and operating systems.

5.    Microsoft Visual Studio Mobile Center

Recently introduced by Microsoft, the Visual Studio Mobile Center is a competent cloud-based service that integrates all features needed to support the complete mobile app development lifecycle. Leveraging the support of Azure Cloud, Visual Studio Mobile Center allows developers to build, test, distribute and manage mobile apps with 100% efficiency.

Benefits of Using this Platform

➢    App developers can test native and hybrid apps across 400 different devices via Xamarin Test Cloud.
➢    It offers effective crash reports in the form of stack traces to help you fix them as soon as possible. Additionally, events can be monitored and tracked to find out which features are most popular among users so that they can be prioritized for future improvements.
➢    It offers detailed analytical reports regarding the number of active users, number of downloads by language & country, average session duration, etc.
➢    It keeps your users engaged by sending them to push notifications with pertinent information.
Microsoft Visual Studio Mobile Center allows enterprises to create mobile apps for Android and iOS in languages such as Xamarin, React Native, Java, Swift and Objective-C.


With a plethora of mobile devices, operating systems and their iterations existing in the mobile environment, choosing the best app development platform is quite a daunting task. However, all the aforementioned mobile app development platforms deliver engaging, five-star apps that keep users coming back for more. You can get in contact with a reputed mobile app development company to find out additional information about these platforms and thus, make an informed decision for your enterprise.