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Top 5 Destinations You Must Visit in Indonesia



What we intend to do on this list is to create an itinerary that will provide its reader with the option of creating a unique itinerary. This itinerary is meant to give one a chance to envelop all that Indonesia has to offer, which is a nearly impossible task. Still, one can’t prevent you from trying to get there, so here’s a list of islands, beaches, lakes, ski resorts and cities that you must visit in order to say that you’ve, at least, came close to sampling whole of Indonesia.

Tanjung Puting National Park

One thing that makes Indonesia different from a lot of other countries is its unique wildlife. For instance, this country is home to the wild orangutan, one of the cutest and wittiest creatures in the world. The best place to admire these incredible creatures is in the Tanjung Puting National Park. The place itself consists of various different biomes, from swamps, forests and mangroves, all the way to a coastal beach. This hardly comes as a surprise, due to the fact that it stretches on a massive area of 416,000 hectares.


As we promised, this list wouldn’t be complete without at least one major metropolitan area and what better place to pick than the largest city in the country and its capital – Jakarta. Here, you can go shopping in Menteng flea market, admire landmarks like Istana Merdeka or take your kids to a Ragunan Zoo (if it’s a family trip). Those interested in culture, history and religion of the country should pay a visit to Shiva Mandhir or Hare Krishna Temple. Lastly, those interested in Jakarta nightlife can find an abundance of bars, clubs spas and hotels to spend their night at.


Bali is definitely one of the most unique places in the world and the list of reasons for going there keeps going on and on. Other than its tropical climate, its amazing beaches and its numerous mystical temples, a trip to Bali provides you with an amazing value for money. In other words, prices in Bali are incredibly low compared to what you’re used to, which will come as a great refreshment. This is the place where you can have a luxury trip of your dreams. There are so many amazing Bali Villa escapes for you to choose from if you decide to pursue this direction.

Puncak Jaya, Mount Carstensz

As soon as you tell people that you’ve been to Indonesia, they’ll start imagining you on a beach or in a tropical rainforest. However, not a lot of people can brag with skiing in Indonesia, which is something that a visit to the Puncak Jaya, which is the highest summit of Mount Carstensz will allow you to do. While Indonesia is not as popular skiing destination as Canada or Austria, it’s definitely a place that can provide you with a unique winter experience.

Kelimutu Lake

For those who are interested in seeing and experiencing something truly unique, something that they can’t encounter anywhere else in the world, the dazzling Kelimutu lake needs to be at the very top of the list. Despite its unique crater lake, the island itself is rural and underdeveloped. This means that it’s a great destination for those interested in hiking, photographing and admiring landscapes. In other words, it’s something that should definitely be included in your itinerary, yet, it might be a bit too much to make this visit into a pivotal point of your adventure.

In conclusion

The biggest problem with this list is the fact that some might find it incomplete, yet, this is the fate of all lists of places you must see and activities you must try in Indonesia. A lot of people spend their entire lives in this place without managing to sample all that this amazing place has to offer, so assuming that you can try it all in one tour might seem a bit pretentious. Nonetheless, as we’ve already stated in the introduction, there’s nothing to stop you from trying.