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Top 10 World Trending Destinations in 2018



Explore the top trending travel destinations for 2018. Here is the list of famous destinations are mentioned below:

1. Algarve

The south of Portugal has long been perceived as a place for large resorts and for playing golf, but it has been taking a spectacular turn for years, boosting the hotel with charm and active tourism. Routes for walkers in the Sierra de Caldeirão, bike tours to see birds in the Ria Formosa, diving in the waters off Tavira or 4×4 tours through the mountains that flank the Guadiana are some proposals that add to the sun, beach and gastronomy of level.

2. Ethiopia

A destination that has benefited from a substantial improvement in its air connections, in addition to being one of the African countries that are considered safe from ethnic and religious swings to date. In fact, in the east of the country stands Harar, called “the city of 99 mosques”, while in the centre are monumental groups such as Lalibela, composed of twelve Christian churches whose particularity is to be excavated in the ground. To the south, following the Rift Valley, the large green expanses where coffee is grown, another Ethiopian religion, are extended.

3. Iran

Those who want to travel often highlight the disparity between the external image of the country and the hospitality of its people. The improvement of diplomatic relations with the West has put legendary cities such as Shiraz or Isfahan in the spotlight of many tourists. And it is not strange since the country has nineteen places classified by Unesco, Susa and Persepolis among them.

4. Georgia

The destination with a lot of potentials that begins to stand out, in particular for the beauty of the South Caucasus. The medieval architecture of its populations overlooks the Black Sea or rivers like the Kurá, which passes through Tbilisi, the capital. And between the sea and the mountains, a country with good trails to walk on foot or on horseback. An effort in tourist infrastructures, signalling of routes and a policy of affordable prices seeks to benefit from the distrust that other neighbouring destinations create.

5. Kamchatka

The Russian peninsula is the last destination to discover to date and stands as a reasonable alternative to Alaska, more competitive in price, similar in terms of landscape and climate and where it is easier to observe the big bears. In addition, it has a large number of volcanoes, several assets, which are part of the Pacific fire belt.

6. Cuba

Blows of change in Cuba since Barack Obama became the first US president in March. Who was on the island in 88 years? If Cuba was already a more than a popular destination, its appeal has multiplied among those who want to visit it “before it changes” or among those who did not even consider it. However, Havana and Santiago continue to shed colonial charm, the sands of the Guillermo, Coco and Santa María keys remain immaculate, and the Vinales Valley National Park is still exultant with greenery.

7. Madagascar

The largest island in Africa has it all: exclusive flora and fauna, spectacular beaches and the right dose of adventure. In the east, the sighting of lemurs in the jungles of the Ansasibé National Park is guaranteed, while the west boasts the Tsingys de Bemaraha – a natural labyrinth of calcareous rocks – and the Avenue of the Baobabs of Morondava. In addition, in September there will be an annular eclipse of the sun that, according to the forecasts, will be seen perfectly from Madagascar.

8. India

The national parks where you can see tigers are experiencing a surge of interest thanks to films like the new version of The Jungle Book. The setting that inspired Rudyard Kipling is the Kanha Park in Madhya Pradesh, in the centre of the country. It contains the sanctuaries of the Bengal tiger of Hallon and Banjar, there it is easy to see leopards and bears as well. Another option is the Ranthambore National Park of Rajasthan.

9. Poland

A fate anticrisis like few, that on the one hand benefits this year from the visibility that lends the European cultural capital of Wroclaw or Wroclaw and, on the other, the visit of Pope Francis. Wroclaw was the capital of Lower Silesia for a time, but nobody remembered it until it had renovated its Baroque buildings and reactivated the Amber Route. Other cities such as Warsaw or Krakow have long since brightened up their baroque churches and neoclassical buildings, while the chapter of nature points no doubt towards the virgin forest of Bialowieza and the last European bison.

10. Palau

An archipelago located east of the Philippines and north of Papua New Guinea that is often described as “the Serengeti of the sea” because of the superlative fauna and flora of its seabed protected in its entirety (an extension equivalent to California). The Rock Islands, peculiar coral formations shaped like umbrellas and covered with abundant vegetation, are its most spectacular enclave. One of them contains Lake Jellyfish, where you can swim among jellyfish that are not poisonous.


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